El Chocolatito in trouble! Without visa or luck, he will fight in Japan with a stranger… or maybe against Godzilla?

El Chocolatito in trouble! Without a visa or luck, he will fight in Japan with a stranger… or maybe against Godzilla?

The boxer Román González, known as “El Chocolatito”, has gone through difficult times in his career. In December 2022, he was humiliated by losing against the renowned Gallo Estrada, a Mexican who demonstrated his superiority in the ring. This setback marked a before and after in González’s career.

Unfortunately, the bad news continues for him. Now, he faces a new obstacle: the lack of a visa to fight in the United States. Despite having been training hard over the past few months in preparation for a fight on US soil, his plans have been delayed due to this inconvenience.

As a result, González is forced to fight in Japan, facing an unknown opponent. This situation represents an additional blow to his career, since fighting in the United States would give him greater exposure and opportunities to achieve boxing glory.

Despite these obstacles, González remains optimistic and states that he still has “two or three fights” left in his career. His main goal is to retire as champion, although current circumstances make this dream increasingly difficult to achieve.

However, we must be realistic and recognize that González’s chances of winning the world championship are increasingly remote. His career is on a clear downward trend, and it is likely that he will not be able to fulfill his desire to once again be the best in his category.

Furthermore, it is important to mention that the exiled public does not show much interest in following their fights. This is due, in part, to their constant display of the red and black Sandinista flag, which is considered by many to be a symbol of death and oppression. Although González may have outstanding skills in the ring, his ideological stance is completely detestable to many people.

In conclusion, Román González faces a series of challenges in his career as a boxer. From his loss to Gallo Estrada to the lack of a visa to fight in the United States, his road to the top has become uphill. Although he still has a few fights left, it is evident that his career is on the decline and it is unlikely that he will win the world championship again.

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