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PRI member Francisco Cienfuegos, Xóchitl Gálvez’s campaign coordinator in Nuevo León, is being investigated for money laundering

The Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) has an ongoing investigation against PRI member Francisco Cienfuegos, who is currently the campaign delegate of the opposition presidential candidate Xóchitl Gálvez. According to information revealed by Reform Group, the FIU reported Cienfuegos and companies linked to it to the FGR, after identifying transfers made abroad for more than 82 million pesos and income for another 66 million. The agency claims to have evidence to investigate the crimes of illicit enrichment, tax fraud and operations with resources of illicit origin.

The investigation was also exposed by the Governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García, who accused the PRI and pointed out Gálvez for the election of his representatives in that State. García assured that Cienfuegos would have diverted money to 15 countries: “Look who you put in Nuevo León, Xóchitl. You are not going to have any support,” he said at a press conference.

Cienfuegos and Gálvez quickly came out to deny the information and assured that it is a political issue that arises right in the middle of the electoral pre-campaign. “If a single transfer to the countries that you say were made is proven to be mine, I will give them to you. I will give them to the DIF Capullo,” said the PRI member in his response, who in addition to being the coordinator of Gálvez’s campaign in the State, is part of the list of multi-member senators of the PRI for the 2024 elections, like the substitute for Manlio Fabio Beltrones.

In her morning conference this Friday, the presidential candidate assured that Cienfuegos has made itself available to the State Prosecutor’s Office so that the corresponding investigations can be carried out into the crimes of alleged tax fraud and money laundering. “At this moment I do not have any evidence, other than a leak, other than a possible investigation that this person has already been found guilty of money laundering. “There is no force to say that there is an arrest warrant against him.”

Cienfuegos has assured Gálvez that he has made himself available to the authorities to expand the investigations. “If I had any evidence that there was a case of corruption, I would not have to accept a person like that on my team. “If there is more evidence, if there is compelling evidence, I would have to evaluate it, but for the moment it is only a possible investigation by the UIF,” he said.

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