Eliezer comments on what it’s like to work with Viih Tube: ”you have to be in tune”

Eliezer and Viih Tube (Photo: Instagram Reproduction)
Eliezer and Viih Tube (Photo: Instagram Reproduction)

Digital influencer and former BBB participant, Eliezer33 years old, is currently in a relationship with the actress and ex-BBB Viih Tube. Therefore, the little girl’s father Moon revealed what it’s like to work alongside your partner. In the situation, he admits that he has a great rapport recording with his ex-sister.

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+ Viih Tube, Eliezer and the couple’s daughter, Lua, are baptized together in a Christian church: “Such a special moment”

Yesterday, December 6th, on his official Instagram Stories account, Eliezer stated that he loves doing scenes alongside Viih. He remembers a moment when the recording was ready the first time: ”I really love recording with Viih. It’s very tasty. I don’t know how to explain it, it’s good. And we have a harmony that the business flows. Our scenes, like, today had: ‘that’s it, first time!’. It came out the first time. The thing is because these are scenes that have to resonate with the person, they have to match the vibe.”communicated.

Continuing his story, the ex-brother reflects on other relationships and wonders if other couples also like recording together. He reinforces that he feels very comfortable acting with his ex-sister: “I don’t know if other couples like recording couples, you know? Like, there is another couple, one likes to record with the other, they feel comfortable. I feel very comfortable recording with Viih. It’s really delicious. I feel light, business goes and flows”, highlighted.

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+ Viih Tube and Eliezer vent on ‘Fantástico’ about attacks suffered by their daughter

Recently, as you may have seen here on Vip area, the digital influencer was outraged and explained why he acts ‘rude’ on the internet. In his statement, the ex-brother assumes that if someone attacks his daughter he will do the same: “People have to stop thinking that the internet is a lawless land, that because I’m a public person I have to be polite, practice that discourse of an evolved person. The f*ck! The f*ck! I’m not evolved, I don’t want to be evolved. But, if the person cursed my daughter, I will tell her three times as much.”he emphasized.

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