End of contract! Globo will lay off big stars, says columnist

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It will be? According to information that has been speculated in the national media, the top leadership of the TV Globo hit the hammer and decided to dismiss all at once, at the end of the year and beginning of 2024, the actresses Eliane Giardini, Lilia Cabral It is Marina Ruy Barbosa.

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According to information initially circulated by columnist Alessandro Lo-Bianco, from the program ‘A Tarde é Sua’ (RedeTV!), the contracts department at TV Globo would already be aware of the decision made by the network’s management and they could ‘dismiss’ the stars.

In short, the columnist even revealed that, since the beginning of the year, he was aware that Marina would be fired after Fuzuê, but his source asked him to withhold the information. The reason? The network’s management did not want to comment on the case, as it was about to start recording the seven o’clock plot, just like the renowned Lilia.

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It is worth highlighting that Eliane Giardini was not aware of the matter and was informed, just yesterday (06), by the columnist himself. By the way, the actress who plays Agatha in ‘Land and Paixão’, will be present at today’s ‘Encontro’ (07), but will probably not touch on the subject.

Until the closing of this article and since the information came out directly from ‘A Tarde é Sua’, led by Sonia Abrão, Globo’s press team had not commented, much less the aforementioned stars. O Vip area Leave the space open if you want to comment on the topic discussed.

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Finally, TV Globo also ended Regina Casé’s fixed contract this week after 40 years. The actress and presenter will now work on the channel on a per-work contract basis, like other big names in the artistic world.

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