EU reaches agreement on regulation of the use of Artificial Intelligence

(AFP).-The negotiators of the European Union (EU) reached an agreement this Friday on unprecedented legislation at a global level to regulate the use of artificial intelligence (AI)announced the European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, responsible for digital issues.

“Historic!” expressed Breton on the X network (formerly Twitter), after three days of negotiations between the Member States and the European Parliament. “With the political agreement the EU becomes the first continent to determine clear rules for the use of artificial intelligence“he added.

Legislation on artificial intelligence “It is much more than just a set of rules“It is a platform for EU companies and researchers to get to the front of the race for trustworthy AI,” he said.

Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission (the executive arm of the EU) applauded the agreement reached on social networks.

Legislation is “a single legal framework for the development of AI that we can trust,” said the German official.

Representatives of the bloc’s countries and the European Parliament held exhausting days of negotiations to define the ambitious legislation project.

The most recent round of talks began on Wednesday, but after 22 hours of negotiations the parties decided to resume meetings on Friday morning.

The initiative had been launched in 2021 by the European Commission, with the aim of blocking the misuse of artificial intelligence and at the same time promoting innovation in the sector.

However, the discussions were surprised by the explosive appearance on the scene of the ChatGPT program, at the end of 2022.

The ability of this device to produce dissertations or poems in just seconds raised alarm bells about the misuse of technology.

This draft legislation must still be approved in the European Parliament and in the bloc’s countries, although the agreement sealed on Friday represents an important step forward for the EU.

The heart of the project is a set of rules to impose on systems considered high risk, such as those used in essential infrastructure or education.

These systems would be subject to a series of fundamental obligations, such as guaranteeing human control over the processes, the establishment of technical documentation or even the implementation of a risk management system.

The legislation also provides for specific oversight of AI systems that interact with humans, which will be required to inform each user when they are in contact with a machine.

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