Eugenia Tobal’s pain: “Always together, kisses to the sky”

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Eugenia Tobal decided to pay tribute to her mother, Ofelia Saino, with a photo, four years after his death. The actress shared with her followers an image of the 74-year-old woman, who died at the Italian Hospital after a long battle with cancer in 2020.

“4 years. Always together, kisses to the sky”Tobal wrote in the Instagram story that he accompanied with a beautiful image of his mother.

At that time, Eugenia fulfilled one of her biggest dreams: becoming a mother. After a long personal struggle to get pregnant, the actress was even moved to tears at her meeting in the Vatican with Pope Francis, to whom she was encouraged and asked just one wish. “I only need one thing to be happy: I want to be a mother.”

In 2019, motherhood found her in one of the most difficult times of her life. Ofelia, her mother, had been battling the severe illness for several years and Eugenia spent much of her pregnancy in the hospital hallways accompanying her.

Just two months after Tobal’s first and only daughter was born, the actress had to say goodbye to her mother. Four years after her death, the actress remembered her with deep pain, but with the joy of having accompanied each other until the end of days.

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