Euroleague: Real Madrid’s fantastic week in Athens: the ‘brates’ also dominate Panathinaikos | Euroleague 2023

Panathinaikos 78 Real Madrid 90


After beating Olympiacos on Tuesday, the whites prevailed at OAKA after an impressive run (1-22) in the third quarter. Hezonja, Musa and Deck, the best

Campazzo, against Balcerowski, at the OAKA in Athens.
Campazzo, against Balcerowski, at the OAKA in Athens.GEORGIA PANAGOPOULOUEFE
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Real Madrid’s Greek week, an apparent trap along the way, turned out to be another coup of authority for this amazing team at the dawn of the season defending the European crown. I won in Piraeus on Tuesday and I won in OAKA last night, again with those brates (Hezonja and Musa) who are pure talent as the spearhead of the Euroleague leader, a train launching which not even Ergin Ataman managed to stop. [78-90: Narracin y estadsticas]

37 points for Hezonja and 37 for Musa. The Croatian was unstoppable against Panathinaikos, nine triples in two nights for the Bosnian. A couple increasingly involved, more and more Madrid theirs, ready to make a mark. They have plenty of quality for it and the contagion with the penultimate dances of Lull, Rudy and company can be fundamental for their careers.

Panathinaikos was its umpteenth victim. Ataman tried to propose to Madrid a battle of high pace, of contacts and intensity, of taking to the limit a team that has been spreading terror and that only Fenerbahce has managed to stop last week. But the white success calmed the local ardor, the arrogance of Mitoglou and the first brushstrokes of Nunn. When Hezonja appeared for the first time in what was his house (and he is still very loved, he even asked for forgiveness) everything changed, such is his influence, the moment of a superlative player. After two triples from Llull, those of Chus Mateo nine were seen above.

One could conclude that they had lowered their hand to OAKA, but nothing could be further from the truth. In that first crisis, an even more aggressive Panathinaikos emerged, which took advantage of the absence of Tavares to strike a tremendous run of 17-2, with Lessort beating Poirier, and a completely unleashed Kendrick Nunn, showing the dimension of a guy who was important in the NBA and is looking, like so many, for a European redemption. Just one last effort from Hezonja and a basket over the buzzer. Campazzo maintained the white lead at half-time.

And, as always, those small details are key. A squeeze in time. Upon returning, the PAO tried to continue pushing, but in the face of talent, nothing can be done. Two triples from Musa anticipated the storm. In the hottest moment, Madrid left the greens without scoring for six minutes, a run of 1-22 to kill the night, to remain at the top of a Euroleague that they overwhelmingly dominate.

In three days, between Hezonja and Musa – last night wonderfully accompanied by the power of Tavares and Deck – they have scored 74 points to silence Athens.

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