Ex-Malhação Gisele Frade appears alongside her daughter in celebration of her 18th birthday

Gisele Frade – Reproduction/Instagram

Gisele Frade She was very successful on television when she played the characters Drica (Malhação) and Bia (Chiquititas). Mother of three girls, she celebrated Lolita Flor’s 18th birthday this Saturday (9).

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“Lolita’s pregnancy was planned. She wanted to be a mother. She was 19 years old and had left Malhação. At 18, I told my friends: ‘Next year, I’m going to get pregnant’. And she didn’t even have a boyfriend, but she already wanted one”the actress told Quem.

Gisele was 20 years old when her daughter was born. In addition to Lolita, she is also the mother of Sophia Luz and Nina Rosa. Before her eldest daughter was pregnant, the actress had already suffered a miscarriage. “I suffered a miscarriage and I was left with this feeling of loss. It felt like it was missing. When I got pregnant, I had been dating Lolita’s father for a month. I didn’t want this dad, mom, family thing. I wanted to have a baby and that’s it”he revealed.

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Gisele Frade alongside her daughter Lolita Flor – Reproduction/Instagram

Motherhood brought changes to Gisele Frade’s daily life

Gisele also said that motherhood brought big changes to her daily life. According to her, being a mother and wanting to be a mother are completely different things due to the changes in responsibilities. The ex-Malhação revealed that she fought with her mother when Lolita was born.

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“When Lolita was born, I had a huge fight with my mother. She wanted to take Lolita home. I didn’t, of course. Lolita was my bag. After Lolita was born, it was difficult to understand my feminine side and returning to work.”he said.

It was then that he decided to take a break from work. “I was 20 years old and decided to take a break from work. She was in a moment of professional stagnation”said the star, who decided to pursue a career as a DJ, returning in the film “Empty Sunday Afternoon”.

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