[Exclusive]Hikari Utada is coming to Taiwan to sing! See you at the Arena on August 10th – Mirror Weekly GRACIAAFRIKA NEWS

  1. [Exclusive]Hikari Utada is coming to Taiwan to sing! See you at the Little Arena on August 10thKagami Weekly
  2. Hikaru Utada is coming!The time and location of the first Taiwan concert were revealed and fans grabbed tickets with knives│TVBS News NetworkTVBS
  3. Hikaru Utada is coming! August “Little Arena Singing” Date Revealed “First Love” Becomes Popular After 25 Years | Entertainment Star NewsEntertainment news
  4. Utada Hikaru comes to Taiwan to hold a concert?Rumored to be on stage at Taipei Arena on August 10thFTVn
  5. Utada Hikaru’s first concert in Taiwan is rumored to start at the Arena on August 10Yahoo News

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