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At 22:00 on May 3, He Yuwen (right) had a dinner date for about an hour. After leaving the restaurant, the two walked side by side.

He Yuwen and Shao Tiancheng, a chemical engineer, have been divorced for four years. Their new relationship has been attracting attention. They were just recently photographed eating high-end Teppanyaki with the “Bentley Man” near the Palace Museum. One month after the incident, they were directly exposed by this magazine. She and her male friend showed up at a restaurant near her home. The two of them walked in to dine one after the other, but this time the person they ate with changed from a “Bentley man” to a “glasses man”. It seemed that the romance was quite prosperous, as expected in her previous interview. As I said, there are many suitors around me.

At around 9 pm on the 3rd of this month, this magazine directly reported that He Yuwen was wearing a light outfit and appeared at the Sichuan and Shanghai Restaurant near Tianmu’s home in Taipei City. She had dinner with a “glasses man” who was about 175 centimeters tall and had a gentle appearance. The two were talking and laughing, with He Yuwen doing the talking most of the time. During the meal, she would occasionally pick up her phone to look at it, as if she was afraid of missing messages.

At 20:58 on May 3, He Yuwen had dinner with a gentle-looking man with glasses.

He Yuwen and the bespectacled man only had half an hour to eat. At about 9:30 midnight, the two of them walked to the seating area outside the restaurant after finishing their meal. During the dinner, He Yuwen talked non-stop to the man with glasses. The man listened a lot but spoke little. He just smoked cigarettes one after another. After the two left the restaurant, He Yuwen continued to talk, and finally crossed the street to end the dinner date. He Yuwen walked towards her home, while the man with glasses went to the parking lot to pick up his car and left.

At 21:36 on May 3, He Yuwen chatted with the man with glasses in the smoking area outside the restaurant after having a full meal.
At 22:01 on May 3, He Yuwen (right) left the restaurant and her conversation was still unfinished. She continued to chat with the man in glasses.

In fact, after He Yuwen’s divorce, she only dated Hong Jianjun (Dali), her boyfriend of many years and a former member of the hip-hop group “Maji”, for a short time, and then returned to being friends. She has never had a new relationship since then. However, she admitted in an interview last year when she was filming on location that “there are many suitors around her.”

When He Yuwen (left) had just divorced, she was photographed by this magazine dating Dali (right). After a brief relationship, the two returned to being friends.

Unexpectedly, not long after, He Yuwen was photographed having dinner with Ye Fengrong, the “Bentley Man” of the Sanyo Visby Group. Although her agent emphasized that He Yuwen was “still single”, she and Ye Fengrong were “good friends who have known each other for more than ten years.” , it is not a rumored relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend.

The 47-year-old He Yuwen still maintains a very good figure. (Photo taken from He Yuwen’s IG)

The agent revealed to this magazine that after the 47-year-old He Yuwen ended her previous marriage, she bought another house near her husband’s house just to see her daughters nearby. It is reported that He Yuwen still attaches great importance to the growth process of her children after her divorce. In order to spend more time with her, she spends most of her time with her children during the day when she is not working. However, she now holds the view of “it is a rare thing” when it comes to relationships. “seeking” attitude.

In addition to work, He Yuwen attaches great importance to spending time with her children.

Regarding being criticized for having dinner with the opposite sex one after another, He Yuwen responded: “I often have dinner with friends of the opposite sex, but whether it is a man with glasses or a Mercedes-Benz man, they are just friends, not dating partners. I am really not in a relationship at this stage. Unless in the future, Only with the goal of getting married can you fall in love.”

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