Fabio Porchat experiences ‘difficulty’ on an international trip and says: “Help, help me!”

Fábio Porchat (Reproduction: Instagram)
Fábio Porchat (Reproduction: Instagram)

This Wednesday, December 6th, the presenter Fabio Porchat40 years old, used social media to share with his followers how he has faced the low temperature in Nepal, a place chosen by the owner of ‘Que História É Essa, Porchat’ (TV Globo) as a tourist destination. “If this is inside, imagine the outside!!”he said, through the video.

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The celebrity was inside an establishment, but it was clear that he was feeling very cold at that moment: “This is inside the restaurant and I didn’t eat soup. Help, help me! Oh my God! It looks like that Instagram effect. It’s colder than I imagined.”, said Fábio Porchat, while shaking all over. The comedian also shared with fans that even in an indoor environment, he could still see smoke coming out of his mouth and nose when he tried to communicate, indicating a drop in temperature.

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Within minutes, Porchat followers reacted: “Jesus beloved! Frozen laboratory was after the movie”, said the first. “There’s no heater?! There will only be cold food lol”, asked Leo Jaime. “I wanted to be there, I can’t stand the heat in São Paulo”, declared a fan. “It’s coming to Rio Grande do Sul in winter, which is the same thing”reported the fourth. “I just want to see the new stories that will come from this”expressed the fifth, making reference to the communicator’s program on GNT. “Your grandmother will be terrified lol”joked Friday. “Compassion. Come back”suggested the seventh.

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It is worth remembering that a famous person is a person who really likes to travel and this is a personal search for knowledge of local culture. Fabio told his social media followers last Tuesday, the 5th, that he climbed part of Mount Everest and even declared himself to his new girlfriend Priscilla Castelo Branco, 34, in the middle of the freezing landscape.

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