Family and friends defend the Barbate drug traffickers sent to prison: “They are innocent!”

The relatives and friends of drug traffickers sent to prison for death of two civil guards in Barbate They were waiting for them after making a statement with cries of “Innocent, innocent!“The judge has sent six of the eight detainees to prison, where they have already spent their first night.

Although each one is being investigated for 14 crimes, including two murders, the relatives defend that some evidence has not been taken into account. For this reason, upon leaving after giving a statement, those close to him demanded to “find the culprits” and complained that this “is not justice.”

File opened for people who encouraged the murderers

This same afternoon it was learned that the Superior Prosecutor of Andalusia, Ana Tárrago, has opened a government file to initiate investigation proceedings for the videos in which a group of people cheered the alleged murderers of the civil guards of Barbate.

The government file begins considering that there are reasons that advise and justify it, after the report presented by the Judicial Police Unit attached to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Community of Andalusia in which phrases, messages and expressions that accompany the videos are analyzed. uploaded to social networks.

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