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Both Fan Yichen (pictured left) and Ji Xiaojun (pictured right) were attacked by supporters of the Democratic Progressive Party for commenting on the conflict in the Legislative Yuan. (Photo taken from Fan Yichen’s Facebook and Ji Xiaojun’s Facebook)

On the 17th of this month, physical conflicts broke out in the Legislative Yuan due to differences between the government and the opposition, and many legislators were hospitalized. Actor Fan Yichen posted on Facebook yesterday (18th): “If you have different opinions, throw it down! Wow”, which seemed to be alluding to the conflict in the Legislative Yuan. Singer Ji Xiaojun casually left a message under the post, “Push it down”, which triggered the Democratic Progressive Movement Party supporters were dissatisfied and fans of two artists went out to call for boycotts. Ji Xiaojun later issued an apology, while Fan Yichen deleted the controversial post. The topic sparked discussion on the PTT gossip board. Villagers were dumbfounded and pointed out that the behavior of recruiting artists was “similar to China’s little pink.”

A violent conflict broke out in the Legislative Yuan on the 17th. It was suspected that Shen Boyang, a legislator from the Democratic Progressive Party, was instigated by his fellow legislator Wang Dingyu. He stepped on someone’s back and reached a high place. As a result, he slipped and landed on his head. He was sent to the hospital with a concussion. DPP Legislator Guo Guowen “slapped” Kuomintang Party Legislator Huang Guochang in the face, jumped on the podium and snatched documents from Legislative Yuan Secretary-General Zhou Wanlai, broke through like a rugby player, and ended up with a fractured tail vertebrae.

In addition, DPP legislator Zhong Jiabin jumped on the podium during the deliberation process and tackled and knocked down KMT legislator Chen Jinghui, causing large bruises on her buttocks and requiring her to take painkillers. Zhong Jiabin argued that she slipped on paper. , Chen Jinghui held a press conference and accused Zhong of “grabbing, knocking down, sexual harassment, violence, and murder.”

Fan Yichen posted a post on his personal Facebook, and Ji Xiaojun responded. As a result, both artists were sent to war. (Photo taken from Facebook)

Fan Yichen posted on his personal Facebook on the 18th: “If you have different opinions, just pounce on it! Wow!” Ji Xiaojun responded at the bottom of the post, “Pounce on me!” As a result, both were attacked by supporters of the Democratic Progressive Party. Some people suspected that Fan Yichen had been on the road. Despite his rude behavior, some people criticized him as a “disgrace to the aborigines” and called for a boycott of the works of Fan Yichen and Ji Xiaojun.

Ji Xiaojun first apologized at the bottom of Fan Yichen’s post, saying: “Sorry, I really don’t know what incident Fan Yichen is talking about. I thought he was joking about throwing himself down, so I responded in a joking manner. I really don’t I know what happened and I’m really sorry for causing everyone to misunderstand.”

Ji Xiaojun later apologized on the fan page. (Photo taken from Facebook)

Then, Ji Xiaojun posted an apology on the fan page: “I’m sorry. I just left a message following my friend’s simple sentence post. I just left the message for interaction at the moment and didn’t have any other thoughts. In fact, I am busy in Taitung. Life, I don’t know what everyone is talking about. I’m sorry that my message made some people uncomfortable, but I am also very sad that my message was enlarged and viewed, and I really didn’t mean anything else. Someone who loves interacting with friends!”

Zhong Jiabin, who had already been admitted to the hospital, took the time to reply to Ji Xiaojun: “Thank you Xiaojun for understanding. Yesterday, in order to block the unconstitutional bill that was not discussed carefully, there were many conflicts in the Legislative Yuan. Many people did not understand the whole picture. It is inevitable that everyone has misunderstandings. I know, keep up the good work, everyone.”

Two artists were sent to war, sparking discussion on PTT. (Photo from PTT Bagua Board)
Two artists were sent to war and boycottedPTT gossip boardThere was a huge discussion on the Internet, and many villagers were dumbfounded and tweeted: “Green fans go to war and no grass grows” “It’s no different from little pinks who go to war if they don’t agree with each other” “You see, Xiaoying is still saying that no one needs to apologize for approval, fans Green has perfectly embodied the pink expedition culture on the other side of the Taiwan Strait. It is said that the Green Communist Party still does not recognize it. “”The DPP goblins live like China’s pink.”

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