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Right off the bat, I'm going to make a confession on National Apple Day…while I like apple pie, I usually pick something else if I have a dessert choice and the all-time American classic is among the options.
Sure it's delicious, but I've never felt it was very exciting. I feel the same way about cheesecake; don't faint. But something happened about three years ago that changed my view of apple pie.
It was back in the summer of 2019 when Angel tipped me off about a cool place the Tri-State Bucket List should visit. SPOILER ALERT…she was right. When she said we needed to visit Farley's, I said I'm up for any and all suggestions. That's pretty much how we've made the Bucket List work over the years, anyway. So upon further investigation, we learned it was a bed & breakfast. And that added a little extra spice to our journey. Not only could we give viewers a visual sample of the menu items, but we were able to document a tour of the beautiful inn.
And by the way, Farley's isn't the only beautiful aspect of downtown Calhoun KY. This picturesque small town is BEGGING for a film shoot. I know I'm always beating that drum, but this town is seriously perfect for such an endeavor.
While everything on the menu might look like what you'd expect, the amazing Farley's staff tweaked EVERYTHING and made it extra special. And that brings me back to that scrumptious apple pie. I can honestly tell you that it is among the top three best pieces of pie I have ever eaten. And maybe, at that moment, I felt like it was the best. I certainly don't have memories of OTHER pies like I do of Farley's apple pie.
Couple that pie with the rest of our lunch that day and I can confirm we were STUFFED when we left.
The comfortable inn is still in business today, and the future is bright. But for now, we're going to take a step back into the PAST and give you a sample of Farley's Bed & Breakfast.


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