Fazenda achieves leadership in São Paulo and Rio

Adriane Galisteu (Antonio Chahestian/Record TV)
Adriane Galisteu (Antonio Chahestian/Record TV)

Last night, 12/7, The farm took the lead for 12 minutes in São Paulo. Between 00:09 and 00:26, Record won the American series “This is Us”, shown by Globo, with a score of 7.5 x 7.4 points. In its full schedule, from 10:47 pm to 12:26 am, the rural reality show was in isolated second place with an average of 7.3 points, a peak of 8 points and a share of 16.6%, while SBT scored 4.5 points of average.

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In Rio de Janeiro, A Fazenda took the lead by 4 minutes in a confrontation with Globo, and also obtained the best share of the season in the region: 17.5%. In its full range, it secured an isolated second place with a score of 7.5 x 3.2 points, that is, more than double that of SBT, which was in third place. The reality show still had a peak of 8.9 points.

The attraction showed the 11th Roça of the season on Thursday night. Yuri Meirelles got the worst of the confrontation with Nadja and Black and, with 24.26% of the public votes, left the reality show.

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Decompression Cabin

Shortly after being announced by Adriane Galisteu, on the live TV program, as the one eliminated in this field, the model went straight to the Decompression Cabin.

In the attraction led by Lucas Selfie and shown live, and exclusively, on PlayPlus, Yuri demonstrated calm and admitted that, despite having given his best, he lacked more coolness in the dispute. “I learned to play inside, seeing the positioning of others. I thought my strategy was to be myself, and be what God wants. I will not trample on my values, going over others”said the model, also admitting that he left out many things he should have said.

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When asked by Selfie about the formation of this farm, which ended in their elimination, Yuri said that the Crias’ strategy did not go as expected and watched a video about Márcia Fu’s attitudes at this point in the game. “Mamusca (Márcia Fu) is infiltrated in all the groups… I can’t believe it… In the beginning to the middle of the game, she had attitudes that left us behind. But I have enormous affection for her, she reminds me of my mother…“, commented the former pawn.

The model also stated that, in a way, he already imagined that he could do badly in the dispute against Black and Nadja, whom he considers to be very experienced players. “Deep down I felt like I was going to leave, my profile is completely different from theirs… I got the hang of the game, I survived… And that was my strategy. They (Black and Nadja) are sinister, experienced players“, analyzed Yuri.

Also during the conversation in the Decompression Cabin, the model spoke about the heated argument he had with Lucas, halfway through the game, and appeared very sorry for the words said at that moment.

And Yuri was surprised, and upset, to learn that, after this incident, he was unfollowed by Anita, who encouraged him to participate in the reality show. It is worth remembering that the model rose to fame after participating in the singer’s music video.

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At another point in the conversation, Selfie reminded the former pawn that he formed one of the coolest couples in the history of realities, as in the first week he started a relationship with Nathalia Valente, the first eliminated from the dispute. The model was excited to hear an audio that the influencer sent, saying that she was waiting for him, and did not rule out a possible romance with the girl out here.

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