Feijo “condemns” Abascal’s words about “hanging Sánchez by his feet”: “They are in line with building the wall of the two Spains”


The PSOE demanded that Feijo strongly condemn the statements of the Vox leader

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Alberto Nez Feijo, president of the Popular Party, in CongressJavi Martinez
  • controversy PP and PSOE clash over an attack by Abascal on Sánchez: “There will be some moment when the people will want to hang him by his feet”
  • The panel Almost two million PSOE voters regret having supported Sánchez and will change their ballot

The president of the PP, Alberto Nez Feijo, has clearly distanced himself from Santiago Abascal due to his words about Pedro Sánchez. The president of Vox assured the Argentine media Clarín that “there will be some time when the people will want to hang the head of the Executive by his feet, in a clear reference to the end of Benito Mussolini, whose corpse was exhibited in that way in Milan.

The PSOE demanded that Feijo condemn them outright and break up his governments with Vox. The leader of the PP has clearly rejected them during an interview in The Critical Look: “Not only are they condemnable, but we have nothing to do with them. They are regrettable and do not deserve further observation than their condemnation.”

For the ‘popular’ leader, Abascal plays “a great game” for Sánchez’s interests. “These words are in the same line as Pedro Sánchez’s about building a wall between the two Spains,” lamented the head of the main opposition party.

As soon as the interview ended, PSOE sources replied that Feijo is “incapable of condemning the words of the neo-fascist Santiago Abascal, his government partner in the CCAA and city councils, without adding buts that end up practically blaming the President of the Government.” And he demands again that he break all his local and regional agreements with Vox in response to some words “never seen in these years of democracy.”

The “parip” of the CGPJ

On the other hand, Feijo called Pedro Sánchez’s offer to create a working commission on the renewal of the CGPJ “parip”: “I am not here to whitewash the PSOE for what it does. I was not born yesterday. They want to say that they talk so much with the independentists as with the PP”. “We have the Congress and the Senate” to negotiate, he added, “but overall I don’t think they will proceed.”

Asked about the debate taking into consideration the Amnesty LawFeijo has confirmed that he will be the one to intervene, because it would be “cowardly” not to do so. “I owe myself to the reasonable majority in the face of this reactionary coalition,” he solemnized.

Given the evidence that the Government has, from the outset, the absolute majority of the votes of the Lower House, the president of the PP has trusted that it will be the European Union the one that can stop the norm: “We trust in it because the EU and the rule of law are parallel paths. We have the expectation that Europe will order it to stop, because crimes not only of sedition, but also of embezzlement, will be left unconvicted here. and terrorism”, and the EU rejects that in its community rules.

In the debate, Feijo will ask Sánchez “how much” international mediators cost, “and who pays them.” “And if not, we will investigate it,” he added.

Finally, the leader of the PP has criticized the Minister of Transport, Scar Bridge, for his controversies and disagreements on Twitter with Madrid leaders. ‘Instead of a minister, we have people who do not know the minimum criteria for education’ and are dedicated, Feijo said, to ‘games and childish things’ such as blocking other representatives of the Administration on Twitter.

And that has helped him begin to express his New Year’s wishes: “Let’s see if in 2024 we do politics seriously and say goodbye to a regrettable year.”

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