Feijóo asks Algeria not to punish the Spanish for Sánchez’s turn

The leader of the PP, Alberto NúñezFeijóo, this Thursday asked the Algerian Government “not to make the Spanish people pay” for “the effects of an improvised international policy“and has blamed the head of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, for Algeria’s suspension of the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation with Spain for its turn on the Sahara.

After a visit to the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI), Feijóo has asked the Algerian Government to“distinguish between the Government of Spain and the Spanish people” and has stressed that the majority of the parties in Parliament “have not participated” in the Executive’s decision in relation to the change of position on the Sahara. For this reason, he has urged Algeria “not to make the Spanish pay” the effects of Pedro Sánchez’s actions.

Furthermore, he has complained that for the moment his training has not received any call from the Government to receive information. Thus, he has demanded that Sánchez explain to the parliamentary groups thedimension of the diplomatic crisis.

He believes it is the result of Sánchez’s explanations

According to the leader of the PP, the crisis with Algeria isthe result “in hours” of the Sánchez’s explanations in Congress about the turn in the Sahara and has blamed the President of the Government for causing an imbalance in the “complex” political relations with Algeria and Morocco.

In this sense, Feijóo has ironically commented on the “great results” that Sánchez said would be produced with the “turn in foreign policy.” “We have the first result with the diplomatic crisis, with a strategic ally such as Algeria,” he emphasized, to underline that Algeria’s decision occurred just a few hours after the parliamentary appearance of the head of the Executive.

Besides, has criticized the “enormous confusion” between the different members of the Government regarding Algeria, because while some say that economic relations are not in danger, especially gas contracts, others warn that they will denounce this country if it makes decisions regarding supply.

Likewise the head of the oppositionhas asked the Government to clarify if “the supply is in danger and if the price of gas is in danger” and has stressed that citizens are experiencing a situation of “enormous confusion.” “Today, unfortunately, we are in a situation of enormous confusion and enormous uncertainty,” she proclaimed.

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