Felipe Andreoli mourns irreparable loss in the family: “I will always remember you”

Felipe Andreoli (Reproduction: Mais Você/TV Globo)
Felipe Andreoli (Reproduction: Mais Você/TV Globo)

In the late afternoon of Tuesday, February 6th, Felipe Andreoli, presenter of ‘Globo Esporte’ and sports journalist, used social media to announce an irreparable loss in his family. The communicator’s pet dog passed away after 14 years of life. The TV Globo contractor paid a beautiful tribute and stated that he will always remember the animal’s qualities.

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“I will always remember you like this: in our windows, with a sad face. There were 14 years of company and so much affection that sometimes I had to say enough, lie down, Farofão. His restless, clumsy, funny, naughty, affectionate, insistent, greedy way…I could follow. That’s what I always go for: qualities”wrote Felipe, through the Instagram caption.

+ Felipe Andreoli receives birthday tribute from wife Rafa Brites after revelation on ‘Mais Você’

The journalist continued and detailed other memories he will have of the dog and stated that he was his first pet: “But I’m going to laugh when I remember your stinky farts, when I opened the window in the morning and you were there pooping looking guilty. I love you, friend. You are part of my story, our family. It was my first child, really.”.

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In the end, Felipe said that the dog died on his birthday, which was last Monday, February 5th, and stated that this only reinforces the connection between them. Afterwards, Andreoli declared: “Every day that I celebrate my life, I will remember and celebrate yours”he concluded.

Check out Felipe Andreoli’s full post:

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Statement from his wife, Rafa Brites

Last Monday, Felipe received a beautiful birthday tribute from his wife Rafa Brites on Instagram: “My love day! They say we only live once. I chose to spend my days with that boy there! Since then (almost a decade and a half) I’ve only found more and more reasons to follow this journey. Felipe is the most incredible person I’ve met. Long live your health! Your dreams! Your points! I love you so much”she wrote in the feed.


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