Felipe Neto makes a serious complaint and reveals that his sister is being threatened with death

Felipe Neto
Felipe Neto – Photo: YouTube

The influencer Felipe Neto used his social networks, early this Friday, December 8th, to make a serious complaint, revealing that his sister, who is only 6 years old, is suffering death threats from some stalkers.

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Through X (formerly Twitter), Felipe Neto wrote: “A warning to stalkers who are persecuting people close to me with threats, bullying and invasion of privacy. We know who you are. This will go to the police starting next week. This is the only warning I will give about it. Did you want attention? Well, they will have“, began the YouTuber.

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Following the report, Felipe declared: “It’s been months of persecution of Ju, with horrible messages that you have no idea about, written by visibly disturbed people. Now they have started threatening death, sending photos of their 6-year-old sister and saying they are going to kill her when she leaves school. All for an OBSESSION“, he wrote.

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At the end of his publication in X, Neto declared: “Until then I adopted silence and imagined that they would stop, lose interest. But things only get worse. Their hatred is driven by an uncontrolled insanity, a crazy obsession. I won’t put up with it anymore. They will have the police knocking on the door and they will respond criminally“, he stated, that he intends to take severe action in the face of the situation.

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After the YouTuber exposed the situation on X, several internet users reacted, some mocked the case asking him to do the L, others expressed support for him, stating that Justice should act as quickly as possible. It is worth remembering that the influencer is a supporter of Lula and, according to him, the Bolsonarists ‘persecute him’.

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