Fernanda Lima and Rodrigo Hilbert are shocked by “old age” and reveal whether they would return to Brazil

Fernanda Lima and Rodrigo Hilbert
Fernanda Lima and Rodrigo Hilbert – Photo: Instagram

Fernanda Lima It is Rodrigo Hilbert became news this Wednesday, December 6th, after appearing on social media using an artificial intelligence resource. The couple showed the public what they would look like at an older age through a virtual simulation. The celebrity even joked about their age. The lovebirds also had the choice of living abroad discussed on television after an interview with the artist. They are living in Europe with their heirs.

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The presenter and the actor, who is also a presenter, became the subject of ‘Fofocalizando’, on SBT, where a video of them interacting with artificial intelligence was shown, simulating old age: “Honey, in a few days we’ll be having coffee at this table like this”declared Fernanda, laughing. “You are gorgeous. And me? I’m going to go for a ride, okay?”shot Rodrigo.

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Ahead, the former presenter of ‘Amor e Sexo’ pointed to the bags under her husband’s eyes: “Do you know what that is under your eye? It’s a sunspot”said Lima, who received an upset look from the father of her children: “I’m not going to be too ugly. I’m a bit of a passion fruit, but…”he joked back. “It’s kitty, but it’s very stained”said the famous woman.

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Hilbert also criticized the filter’s results and made comparisons: “But you’re 60 [anos]I’m 80”, he pointed out. In the caption of the post, Fernanda Lima also explained the joke to her admirers: “Inverted filter: me and my old man in about 25, 30 years… It’s good because we start to get used to the idea of ​​time passing”she wrote.

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The “Fofocalizando” team also discussed the interview that Fernanda, who currently resides in Portugal, gave to a local program in the country and revealed the reason for moving with her family from Brazil. According to Rodrigo Hilbert’s wife, security was one of the main issues in the decision to go to Europe.

“It’s really nice to live here. We are experiencing a somewhat complicated issue in Brazil, a lot of inequality, a lot of issues. We live without fear”, declared the communicator, leaving it clear that she does not intend to return to her country of origin. Fernanda Lima said that the desire to keep her children away from the media spotlight was also a big reason for the change: “Brazil has a lot of exaltation of fame, of celebrity, so it was more to protect them. Bring my kids to a place where they can be anonymous.”.

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