Fernanda Souza reveals that she entered into a love synastry with Eduarda Porto

Fernanda Souza and Eduarda Porto
Fernanda Souza and Eduarda Porto – Photo: Instagram

The actress Fernanda Souza He opened his heart when commenting on his relationship with his girlfriend, Eduarda Porto. The presenter also revealed that the couple underwent love synastry, which is the in-depth study that analyzes the relationship between two astral charts.

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In a chat with Thiago Cordeiro on the podcast ‘Entre Astros 09’, Fernanda Souza said: “I’ve been connecting with the astral chart for a long time. I love the love synastry. You did mine with Duda, right. We always listen, we have written down the topics, we obey you exactly. There are a lot of things you said about points in our lives that we can come together to expand on things mine or hers, and we took that as always and put these connections to happen“, revealed the artist.

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It is worth remembering that Fernanda and Eduarda are long-time friends and met through the actor Bruno De Luca, who posted in stories that he was the couple’s cupid. “Extremely proud that my best friends have turned into a beautiful couple! Love you“, he declared at the time.

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More about Fernanda Souza

Recently, Fernandinha signed with Netflix Brasil to lead the reality show, ‘Ilhados com a Sogra’. At the time, the platform announced on Instagram: “Is this where you asked for a new reality show? Imagine a competition in which the participants are isolated on a desert island and need to compete for a prize of 500 thousand reais… Alongside their mothers-in-law! Ilhados com a Sogra arrives in two parts: the first on 10/9 and the second on 10/16“, they announced. By the way, the project was so successful that a second season is already being prepared.

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