FIFA publishes the three reasons why it sanctioned Luis Rubiales

On August 26, just a few days after the final of the Women’s World Cup and in the midst of the ‘Rubiales scandal’, the FIFA decided to provisionally suspend the then president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation for 90 days.

Later, after being dismissed, The FIFA Disciplinary Committee decreed a three-year ban that prevent the former leader from taking sides in any activity related to football.

Well, this Wednesday FIFA communicated the three reasons why it came to make such a decision.

Two kisses, a ‘lift’ and a touch

Based on testimonies, videos and subsequent interviews, the governing body of the beautiful sport not only sees the non-consensual kiss to Jenni Hermosobut also the genital touching in the box, the ‘raising’ to Athenea and the other kiss to Olga Carmona.

Regarding the attack on Jenni, FIFA explains that “it is unacceptable. He kissed a player of the opposite sex. He is the president and must act and behave with a certain level of responsibility. Rubiales did not respect the code of behavior. One is the president and the other is the player. The hierarchy and superiority was evident. There is a pressure in everything done. In the kiss and after the kiss.”

About his touching, which he said was directed at Jorge Vildathe organization points out that it is a gesture “from the last century, with misogynistic tendencies” and that “Spain is an example of gender equality and that this gesture cannot be tolerated in a VIP area with the presence of personalities. This gesture does not correspond to the reality of Spain. “The explanations given for a sexist gesture are not convincing.”

Articles 6 and 13 of the regulations

The FIFA Disciplinary Code, in the aforementioned sections, states that “any person who attacks the dignity or integrity of a country, a person or a group of people by using derogatory, discriminatory or humiliating words or actions (by whatever means) be) for reasons of race, skin color, ethnic, national or social origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, language, religion, political position, purchasing power, place of birth or for any other status or reason will be sanctioned with a suspension that will last at least ten games or a specified period, or with any other appropriate disciplinary measure”.


Javier Iván Palacio, FIFA man who formalized the report, states that “his behavior is unacceptable and inexcusable and even less so in the current ecosystem and at the best moment of women’s football.”

He used the Federation Assembly to defend himself and distort reality to justify the kiss, something a president can never do. He never noticed the moral damage he could cause to the players with his way of acting,” he explains.

It highlights “the damage caused to the world of football, but above all to the morale of the female footballers. Ruined the World Cup experience for many, starting with the player and her teammates who had just become world champions for the first time in their history. Therefore, the Committee was firmly convinced that the respondent, by her behavior, discredited the sport of football and/or FIFA worldwide“, Add.

Rubiales’ turn

After FIFA issued its reasons, now the former president of the RFEF You can go to the Appeal Committee to reduce the sanction of three years away from football.

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