First batch of Moderna vaccines arrives in Mexico next week – Hermosillo Hoy

The vaccine will be on sale for both the public and private sectors, either through health agencies or in private offices and hospitals.

Next Friday, December 15 will arrive in Mexico on first batch of vaccines against Covid-19 that Cofepris I authorize Asofarma, legal representative in Mexico of Modern.

«We hope on Friday of next week to be able to give the news that the first batch of vaccines, and as soon as we have the vaccines and reached the trade agreements, they will be distributed in institutions,” he indicated. Jose Miguel Fonkengeneral director of Asofarma México at a press conference.

The vaccine will be on sale for both the public and private sectors, either through health agencies or in offices and private hospitalsrespectively.

The manager added that until now 10 states They have had a rapprochement with the company. In the event that the federal government is interested in purchasing the drug, it would have to be done through a bidding process.

«We want the vaccine arrives for anyone in Mexico, I know they want to pay it in the private market or obtain it for free in health institutions,” added Alejandra Espinosa de los Monteros Arámbula, director of the Vaccines Business Unit at Asofarma.

Until now, the Asofarma It has not defined a cost for sale to the public, however, it noted that its marketing will be through distributors authorized by the company.

“We are in the process of closing the trade agreements with public institutions and private institutions, and as soon as those agreements are closed, we will send it through the official distributors and they will be able to put it on public sale,” Fonken added.

In United States, the Moderna vaccine against him coronavirus sells on average in118 dollars, approximately two thousand Mexican pesos at the current exchange rate.

In conference, Arturo Vazquez Leducmedical director of Asofarma, pointed out that in Mexico There are 3,558 active cases of Covid-19, according to Conahcyt data. In addition, to date more than 334 thousand

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