First lady has profile attacked by hackers on X, formerly Twitter

Janja and Lula (Photo: Instagram Reproduction)
Janja and Lula – Instagram Reproduction)

Not even the first lady was free from hackers. This Monday (11), the profile of Rosângela Lula da Silva, better known as Janjawas invaded by hackers, who made several posts in her name.

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The posts started around 9:30 pm. Many of them had profanity and even support for President Lula’s political opponents. There were also publications calling the president a “tramp” and misogynistic texts. In one of them, even Neymar joined the dance. “Lula is a bum, I cheat on him with Neymar, go Neymar”, wrote the hacker.

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The author of the attack even boasted that he doubted that the president or the first lady would do anything against him. “I very much doubt that Lula will have the courage to call me after finding out who I am, or Janja to ask the reasons for my hacking into her account. That’s why I don’t care about these people, because they don’t really care about me. I hate politicians,” said the author.

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Internet users soon realized what was happening and commented. There were those who attributed the posts to one of former president Jair Bolsonaro’s sons. “They hacked Janja lol”, wrote one. “You have time, Carluxo”, said another. “I feel sorry for the unfortunate person who did this,” wrote a third. “Ugh, I hope they find whoever did this and go to prison forever”, said another.

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Frozen account

According to columnist Igor Gadelha, from the newspaper Metrópoles, representatives of X have already informed Palácio do Planalto that they have already frozen First Lady Janja’s official account on the platform. The action was carried out an hour after the first lady’s profile began publishing the series of messages.

According to the columnist, Planalto also contacted the Federal Police, which has already started preliminary investigations in search of the perpetrators of the hacker attack. The corporation is also expected to open an official inquiry in the coming days to investigate the crime.

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