Flay explains why he took a career break and surprises: ”There’s no space”

Flay (Leo Franco/ AgNews)

The singer, songwriter and ex-BBB Flay, 29 years old, made a statement last Saturday, December 9th, which ended up taking some people by surprise. In this situation, the winner of the reality show ‘The Masked Singer Brazil’ he even explained the reason for the break he took in his musical career and was surprised.

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On her official Instagram Stories account, the celebrity decided to open a question box to interact with her fans. Therefore, she received the following question: ”We understand that you took a break from music, can you reveal why? Back in 2024?”. When responding to the internet user’s question, the artist admitted that music consumption in Brazil and her generation is different from the rest of the world.

Furthermore, she explains that she ends up frustrated with the situation. However, she emphasizes that she always ends up recalculating her route and coming back stronger than ever. Flay communicates: ”The consumption of music in our country, in our generation, is different from the rest of the world. Sometimes I feel that my musical quality has no place here. So, I huff and puff, I get a little frustrated, but I take my time, recalculate the route and come back stronger… Always!”highlights the singer.

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Soon after, the former BBB member points out that she will not give up singing, but, at the same time, she does not want to fit into a musical pattern for her career. She also talks about her inspirations: “Never give up, what I can’t do is go against who I am as an artist to fit into a ‘cake recipe’ of what works in our country. I identify myself as an interpreter of great songs, which challenge me like Whitney Houston, Jessie J, Beyoncé… I see myself as these singers from the past generation”, reported. Check out!

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