Flor Vigna denounced that they treat her as ridiculous on the networks and launched a furious defense

Vigna Flower reflected on the criticism you receive on social networks by the style of music what it does and why looks that he uses for different events. As he explained, several users “They call her ridiculous”.

His statements were this Saturday in PH: We Can Talk (Telefe)after Flavio Mendoza will count the negative messages who reads about him and his son on TikTok or Instagram. Therefore, the singer sought to give you a recommendation and he referred to his own experience.

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“When you are brave you have to go through a moment of being ridiculous”, Flor reflected. “A lot has happened to me since I started producing my music. Many people call me ridiculous and in reality I am starting to do what I want to be,” added the girlfriend of Luciano Castro to his testimony.

Flor Vigna reflected with Flavio Mendoza on the negative messages on social networks. (Photo: Telefe Capture)

Then, he talked about all the criticism he receives when he chooses the clothes he likes to wear at events or in his video clips. “It happens to me a lot that on a red carpet I wear a Verónica de la Canal dress and they tell me: ‘Is this how you have to dress, girl? ‘You always dress badly’”, he said and mentioned the renowned designer.

On this topic, he acknowledged: “I like to dress differently. It is very normal that you have a guarantee within what is allowed.” Furthermore, he explained that by having “authenticity” There will always be criticism, but the “prize” comes after going through those moments.

The criticism that Flor Vigna received in one of her latest publications that she uploaded to the networks

Last week, the artist published a video to promote the release of his song titled “Perdóname” which will be about the experience of heartbreak of a friend of hers. Therefore, she decided to send a message to her detractors and make reference to criticism about his private life.

With a costume in which she presents herself as a kind of vigilante superhero, the singer and dancer fights the rumors and responds about her privacy. “A kiss to the haters”he wrote on social networks.

The video that attracted attention on networks. (Photo: Instagram Capture/florvigna)

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The truth is that Vigna’s hilarious video was not well received on social networks and was the target of much criticism, so much so that They compared her with Mariano Martinez and its unusual videos. “What’s wrong with Flor Vigna? We killed Mariano Martínez for much less“, was read on the social network X. For her part, Yanina Latorre also shared the video and wrote: “What is this?”

“I swear that I try to understand the fans, but when I remember how Flor Vigna’s balls broke and I see this, I can’t get to the point,” “Literally, Flor Vigna doesn’t have anyone to tell her ‘hey friend, no gives'”, “Flor Vigna has reached its moment Mariano Martínez”, “The pire that guys have,” and “the cringe is impressive” were other comments.

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