Flor Vigna revealed the TERRIBLE ATTITUDE that Lourdes Sánchez had with her colleagues from Bailando 2023

This Wednesday is the sentencing gala in the Dancing 2023 (America) and the participants voted for different couples to go to the telephone vote. In that framework, Vigna Flower destroyed Lourdes Sanchez.

When commenting on who she was nominating, the artist introduced: “I always try to avoid the negative part, but this time I am going to vote for this person because I think it is time for her to realize that she is much more talented than she thinks.” and that sometimes, by taking a shortcut to shine or to appear on camera for a while, tends to criticize, invent or lie”.

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Immediately afterwards, Luciano Castro’s girlfriend added: “I feel that sometimes a crisis can give you the opportunity to find a new way and understand that that way is already there, it is bad, He is more of a bad person than a player.”.

Flor Vigna struck down Lourdes Sánchez (Photo: Capture America)

To finish with his vote, he launched: “It’s Miss Lourdes Sánchez”.

Lourdes Sánchez’s response to Flor Vigna

Far from taking Vigna’s comment badly, the woman from Corrientes said: “I like this Flower, the one who doesn’t have any mask”. “This is the true Flower. I love it. I continued down that path,” concluded the couple from El Chato Prada.

Lourdes Sánchez responded to Flor Vigna with good vibes (Photo: Capture América)

Flor Vigna was lethal against her “Bailando” colleagues who voted to throw her out of the contest

Vigna Flowerwho was absent from the contest Dancing 2023 (America) last Thursday due to some health problems, She was the one most voted for by her peers to go to sentencing. Once she learned of the betrayal of several of her companions, The two-time champion of the contest reacted through her social networks, with a photo from her bed. “Reliving,” she wrote to highlight that she is not yet in optimal condition to return to the track.

Of course, the news of the nomination did not sit very well with his girlfriend. Luciano Castroso in the screenshot he uploaded to his Instagram stories, he dedicated a sarcastic message to the contestants: “A kiss to the good people of Dancing”.

(Photo: Instagram / florvigna)By: Mayerkis Campos

With the exception of Lourdes Sánchez, who had a strong friction with Vigna several weeks ago, the reasons that the participants had who voted for her had nothing to do with any personal problem. In this case, the majority set their position according to their game strategy.

In the opinions of several celebrities such as Cami Homs, Milett Figueroa, Coti Romero, Lola Latorre and Lourdes Sánchez, among others, Flor is without a doubt a great adversary. This, thanks to her outstanding presentations and her experience in the contest, an issue that makes her a threat.. But also, there were those who redoubled the bet and They denounced that the production of the program gives them certain “privileges”to the detriment of the rest of his dance partners.

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