Former president of Chile Sebastin Piera dies in a helicopter accident


Sebastin Piera, twice president of Chile, died this Tuesday in a helicopter accident in the south of the country. The information was confirmed by two Chilean media outlets, “La Tercera” and “Ex-Ante”, which reported that Piera was on board the helicopter.

Between four and five people were flying on board the helicopter. Piera couldn’t get out of the device, that rushed into Lake Ranco on a rainy afternoon in Chilean Patagonia. “The helicopter crashed into the middle of the water. The former president did not survive,” said “Ex-Ante.”

“The helicopter would have sunk about 40 meters,” says “La Tercera.” “The aircraft, which was traveling with five occupants, would have fallen into the water, leaving the former president and the pilot among its fatal victims. Meanwhile, three other people would have managed to survive“, specifies “El Mercurio”.

Piera, a powerful 74-year-old businessman, governed Chile between 2010 and 2014 and 2018 and 2022. The former president was spending his summer vacation at his lake house in the south of the country. The helicopter that plunged into the waters was his, and he used to blow it up himself. Piera had recently renewed his helicopter pilot’s license, Chilean television reported.

Informed of the fact, President Gabriel Boric, who was in Via del Mar following the fight against the serious fires that are ravaging the central area of ​​the country, headed to the La Moneda Palace.

Piera, center right, maintain a cordial relationship with Boric, the most left-wing president since Salvador Allende in the ’70s. An engineer and doctor in economics, Piera was married to Cecilia Morel and was the father of four children.

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