Fran Tinelli gave his opinion about Marcelo’s girlfriend, Milett Figueroa, and told how she gets along with the family

After months of confirmation of the romance between Marcelo Tinelli and Milett Figueroa, Fran, son of the host of Bailando, was encouraged to talk about the subject. He was the only one left from the American presenter’s family to speak out about the new member.

It was recently learned that the journalist took a big step in his relationship with the Peruvian woman, since he met her sister-in-law. As if that were not enough, he has everything planned to go to Peru to spend the end of the year holidays, in order to share more with his girlfriend’s loved ones.

For this reason, Implacables decided to look for Fran to express himself about the changes that his family has been experiencing during the last stretch of 2023. The note was given at the event organized by Carolina Herrera to celebrate Christmas and close the year.

The 25-year-old does not usually lend himself to dialogue with the media. But this time he had no choice but to stop and talk to the cycle of Susana Roccasalvo. In addition to giving details of his future, he gave his opinion about his father and Milett.


“I don’t have the habit. I came to make a note so I won’t be so cold”held Fran about his camera shyness. Regarding the new romance of Marcelosaid: “I see him very well, in his essence. Getting into it. He is very in love. She is a very nice girl. Super good vibes with the family”.

Regarding his professional present, he added: “I appear little or nothing. I am involved in music and fashion, in a family project as well. Organizing certain electronic music cycles with friends. I have the family project with my sister, Micaela. It is a fashion project. There is also the reality show “.

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