Fuensalida (Toledo), forced to change the name of 12 streets and squares that honor Franco’s regime

The town of Fuensalida (Toledo) will be forced to change 12 of its streets and squares with names that pay homage to the Franco dictatorship. Roads such as General Moscardó or Generalissimo Square will have another name to comply with a court ruling that is final and cannot be appealed.

José Jaime Alonso, mayor of the PP of this town of about 13,000 inhabitants, has complied with the decision of the sentence, advancing that it has begun to seek advice to begin the change of these 12 streets. The City Council itself was in charge of conveying the news, telling the streets that will change their names.

These streets are General Asensio Street, General Mola Street, General Moscardó Street, General Varela Street, General Yagüe Street, Plaza del Generalísimo, Héroes del Alcázar Street, Plaza José Antonio, Onísimo Redondo Street, Queipo de Llano Street, 18 de Julio Street and General Barrón street.

In this note, they regret the “lack of transparency” of the previous government, accusing them of “hiding a sentence for months.” Asking some neighbors, the decision has not been well received by many. “Why are they going to change the names, let’s see?“, one of them asks. Another openly says that he doesn’t think it’s right because he laid some of those streets, while a neighbor believes that “history is history and it can’t be changed.”

The one who does celebrate this change is the former Compromís senator Carles Mulet, who sees it as “positive” that these Francoist streets are “forced” to be removed. “There continue to be streets dedicated to soldiers, to leaders of the Coup d’état, and that is a constant humiliation of the victims,” ​​he adds.

For Mulet, however, the Fuensalida case is proof that the current Democratic Memory Law falls short: “It had to be an association on its own who had to go to court and who had to win this judicial battle.”

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