Fuzuê: Pascoal is arrested after taking Preciosa hostage

Fuzuê - Pascoal is arrested
Fuzuê – Pascoal is arrested (Globo/Léo Rosario)

In scenes scheduled to air this Monday, 12th, in ‘Fuzuê‘, Pascoal (Juliano Cazarré) falls into Sandra’s (Isa Salmen) trap and confesses that he stole the money from the treasury from Maria Navalha (Olivia Araujo). Soon after hearing the confession, Barreto (Rogério Brito) surprises him and arrests him, but the villain manages to capture Preciosa (Marina Ruy Barbosa) who was following him and takes her hostage.

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In an attempt to escape, Pascoal ends up bumping into Cata Ouro (Hilton Cobra), but is caught by the police. Under strong tension, the villain makes demands on Barreto to be able to escape and says that he will deny all the accusations, but is surprised by Cecília (Cinnara Leal) who acts quickly to immobilize him. With the action, the villain releases Preciosa and is captured. The journalist is also detained and taken to the police station.

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At the summary of today’s chapter, Sandra calls Pascoal, who doesn’t suspect the trap. Nero looks for Maria. Maçarico sees Pascoal in the neighborhood and tells Merreca. Sandra questions Barreto about the listening equipment. Preciosa follows Pascoal’s car. Sandra gets Pascoal’s confession about the hit on Maria.

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Merreca intercepts Pascoal’s car, and Sandra escapes. Preciosa is captured by Pascoal. Caesar arrives at Maria’s house and confronts Nero. Luna and Miguel find Sandra. Pascoal uses Preciosa to try to escape the police. Cecília surprises Pascoal.

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