Galicia 2024 Elections: The barons of the PP warn against the “nationalization” of 18-F: “The campaign must be Galicianized”

The alarms have not yet sounded in the PP headquarters, but there are nerves and tension. Alfonso Rueda’s absolute majority, which seemed immovable just a week ago, now remains the most likely scenario, yes, but it is no longer taken for granted. These are common doubts in the final see-saw of all electoral events, but this time there is an additional vector of uncertainty: the PP proposing such a national campaign in Galicia? Can it turn against him in the final stretch?

Various government barons consulted by this newspaper agree that it is better to focus the campaign on Galician affairs, without letting national news eclipse them. The first rule is to Galicianize the campaign, and not nationalize it, summarizes an autonomous president in conversation with this newspaper. Feijo always transcended the acronyms, adds another. It didn’t work in other communities, observes a third party. Of course, although they do not believe it is the best option, the barons continue to believe that the PPdeG obtain an absolute majority. The people in Galicia are in a different mood, says another of those consulted, who adds that this is precisely why many have doubts about whether it is best to focus so much on the amnesty and the clash with Sánchez. Despite this, Feijo insisted this Monday at a rally in Marn (Pontevedra) in opposing the President of the Government: “I am not Pedro Sánchez: I neither accept the amnesty, nor accept it; I neither accept the pardons nor accept them.”

It happens, of course, that the current leader of the popular is a Galician with four absolute majorities behind him. Feijo sum in Galicia, without a doubt, settle in Genoa. Hence, the Orense leader has dedicated himself, with his own agenda and very full of rallies, to the regional campaign. But after the discursive misstep of the PP On account of Puigdemont’s possible pardon, the autonomous leaders consulted believe that it would be better to press the autonomous accelerator and devote 100% to Wheel.

Several barons remember that Feijo ran campaigns in which the PP logo appeared small, on purpose, and the motto always referred to Galicia, beyond the acronyms. His strategy was always to differentiate himself from Gnova. Because of one’s own accent, in short. And that is now being combined with a clear commitment to the national issues that most harm Pedro Sánchez. However, there is some fear in the baronies that, in the midst of this fray, there will be a mobilization of young progressives around Ana Pontón (BNG).

In any case, this fear is contained in the polls, which continue to give the main scenario a new Galician government of the PPdeG. If they don’t get the absolute majority in Galicia, everyone in the PP is going to have a headache, but I think they are going to get it and that this controversy is not going to have an influence on the Galician elections, says one of the barons.

Another of the presidents remembers that the general election campaign also began to go wrong the previous weekend, when sources from the PP leadership raised expectations before the press to a threshold of 168 seats, which in the end were 137. It is repeated. the error. This doesn’t help, but it won’t influence. Nor the pellets, says a barn.

These warnings from the PP’s main bishops about the future of the campaign – always behind closed doors – are not new. A month ago, with the controversy over the dumping of pellets, other barons already warned that the PP should not enter the national framework, but rather focus on Galicia, because there it aspires to convince voters who voted for the PSOE or the BNG on the 23rd. J, but that in the autonomous communities they prefer a differentiated vote. There is no need to nationalize the campaign, warned a regional president. We must talk about Galicia, not so much about Spain, he insisted. Of course, he also noted that Feijo adds up in Galicia, not like Marriedwhich remained.

In the internal chats of the deputies, which are fuming these days, they speak clearly that Feijo should monopolize the campaign less and give more prominence to the candidate. He has not left Wheel do what he asked, wrote one of them in the conversations to which this newspaper has accessed. Another deputy answers that it would be best if Feijo would not have prominence this week and any headline that diverted attention would disappear. Although Wheel He has expressed several times in public his gratitude to the president of his party, for multiplying throughout the Galician geography.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso has also closed ranks with Feijo in public. Yesterday, in an interview in The Critical Look, the Madrid president took a swipe at her leader: I haven’t heard anyone from the PP say anything different. And he insisted that Feijo has not spoken of a pardon in public. Of course, it affects the negotiations: I wouldn’t go with Junts even around the corner.

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