Gaza lives in an “extreme situation” due to Israel’s “relentless war” against healthcare

It is the last barb of the diabolical trident that grips Gaza: he collapse of its centers sanitary makes it even more unbearable—literally, mortally– he siege to Gaza. Difficult to survive the other spikes, the bloody offensive Israeli military, to famine—hunger, thirst, infections—when the vast majority of Gazans have already been left without hospitals. In the last month alone, the World Health Organization has verified more than 2000 attacks to personnel, centers (56 attacked) and ambulances (59 destroyed).

And the few hospitals that remain assets14 of 36 in the entire Striponly two in what Israel calls ‘Gaza North’—operate in very precarious conditions.

Simplified map of hospitals in the Gaza Strip

There are moments, hours, when, in fact, none works due to lack of fuel and supplies. Overflowed, triple its capacity… or more, in cases like the pair of oncology units that remain: “The one at Al Najar Hospital can serve a maximum of 100 patients a day, since now there are days when there are 350,” Dr. commented from Rafah. Peeperkorn. In another center in Rafah they have had 1,000 wounded on the ground.

At least 110 outpatient clinics they have also ceased its operations. Thus, against all oddscrowded, without fuel or almost medical supplies, health workers in Gaza they try to maintain its services. “We will continue to try to operate any hospital in the Gaza Strip despite the difficulties,” said the spokesman for the Gaza Ministry of Health, Ashraf al Qudra.

And this is how they have to face immeasurable medical challenges, tragedies. From Gaza Center, surgeon Aldo Rodríguez (Doctors Without Borders) told us: “We experience very dramatic situations every day: yesterday, for example, a hundred patients arrived suddenly, most died in the emergency department. Also for example you drink less than two years with amputations traumatic.”

A limit situation that UN qualifies as “relentless war against the Gazan health system.” The secretary general of the organization, António Guterres, alerted the Security Council this Friday afternoon that this system is “collapsed” and, for more INRI, “the conditions for international humanitarian aid do not exist.”

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