GHOST9, comeback with 5th mini album! The episode with Japanese fans is also “Reproduce my favorite anime …”

GHOST9 will make a comeback on November 25th with the 5th mini-album “NOW: Who we are facing” for the first time in about 5 months! The third and final work in the “NOW” series, which conveys the “now (NOW) journey”, contains 6 songs that sing “special encounters” and “the importance of the present moment”. .

This time, Kstyle interviewed GHOST9! Starting with the introduction of the new album, he answered plenty of episodes with Japanese fans about his personal growth in the second year since his debut.

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――What kind of album is the 5th mini-album “NOW: Who we are facing”?

Song Junhyung: This 5th mini album “NOW: Who we are facing”, which is the last of the NOW series, is an album that sings about “special encounters” and “importance of this moment”. It is also an album that contains our feelings of anticipating a special meeting with our fans.

――What kind of song is the title song “Control”?

Choi Junsung: The title song “Control” is a song that samples Schubert’s “Devil”, and it is a song that makes you think of a fantastic symphony with expressions that make you feel like you are conducting. Based on the grand and bold sound, we express our coolness.

Episode during the MV shooting “Whispering in my ear…”

――Please tell us the highlights of the “Control” music video and the episodes during filming.

Lee Shin: I think it would be interesting to guess who the criminal is. Junsung and I were the first to shoot the music video, and we celebrated the first snow together at that time!

Lee Kang Sung: I think it would be good if you could focus on the stories hidden in the members’ acting and music videos. During filming, Junhyung hyung whispered in my ear and cheered me on so that I could immerse myself in acting.

――In this work, the wild side that is the exact opposite of the refreshing side you showed in the previous work has become a hot topic. Was there anything you paid special attention to when shooting?

Song Junhyung: I tried to cherish the ‘mood’. Because the mood is everything.

Lee Shin: When I make facial expressions and gestures, I try not to look light.

Lee Kang Sung: I tried to express deeper emotions in my actions and facial expressions.

Choi Junsung: When I had a concept like this, I frowned to make my expression look scary, and I always had a fixed expression, but I’m breaking out of that frame and creating a new expression.

Prince: I also paid attention to facial expressions.

Lee Woojin: I paid attention to facial expressions and emotions when filming the music video and album jacket.

Lee Jin Woo: I prepared hard to show charisma in my facial expressions.

――There are 5 songs other than “Control” on this album. What kind of songs are they? Please tell us if there are any episodes during the recording.

Lee Woojin: “Milestone” is the intro song of GHOST9, and it is a song that collects the colors of GHOST9 that are moving forward. When we recorded “Milestone”, there was a game machine on the spot, so the members were having fun playing games!

Lee Kang Sung: “TRIANGLE” is a song with a delicate, powerful and charismatic beat, and I remember watching soccer with Woojin saying “SHOW ME THE MONEY 10” during the recording.

Choi Junsung: “Love Language” is like the title “Tokimeki”, it’s a song about expressing love to someone you love in your own words. I remember the composer telling me to keep smiling while singing.

Lee Shin: ‘Dreaming’ is a wonderful song that means that I always dream of you. I think the melody is beautiful and the members’ voices are attractive.

Song Junhyung: “COSMOS” means “universe”, and it is a fan song that expresses our gratitude to GHOSTIE (GHOST9 fans) who came to GHOST9 due to the connections we met in the vast universe.

Happiness in everyday life “Seeing Terrace House…”

――In this album, “The importance of this moment” is sung.

Song Junhyung: I usually like to look at the sky, but especially in winter, the sky feels clearer, so I feel happy just looking up at the sky.

Lee Shin: Now is the time to receive messages of love and support from many fans.

Lee Kang Sung: I felt happy when I took a walk after work at dawn.

Choi Junsung: Everyday happiness comes from laying down on the bed and watching ‘Terrace House’ after finishing all the preparations after work.

Prince: I was very happy to have the showcase with an audience.

Lee Woojin: I was very happy to enjoy the morning while listening to songs in the company car.

Lee Jin Woo: I am grateful that I am now born and alive in this world! !

――With regards to the title of the song “Control”, which member do you think is the best at controlling yourself?

Song Junhyung: Woojin is good at controlling his emotions. No matter how frustrated or angry she is, her facial expressions are consistent.

Lee Shin: I am also Woojin. She is good at controlling her mind, and she does not get angry over trifles and maintains her composure.

Lee Kang Sung: Woojin is good at controlling himself, but he calms down the opponent with a heavy word.

Choi Jun-sung: Lately, when I want to sleep, I can’t sleep well, but I want to learn Woojin’s “sleep control technique.”

Lee Jin Woo: Woojin hyung is good at controlling his mind and always steals my heart.

Lee Woojin: I think I control my emotions well. I usually try to keep it in the middle, and express it appropriately without being too overbearing or too passive.

Prince: I think Junsung hyung is full of talent because he controls himself well.

――In regards to the title of the song “Dreaming”, please tell us if you had an interesting dream recently.

Lee Shin: I had a dream that I ate a lot of samgyeopsal!

Lee Kang Sung: In my dream, I held a showcase, and when I climbed the stairs, Ghostie gave me 3 chocolate milks.

Choi Jun-sung: After returning to the countryside, I got a call from a friend, so I went to the ski resort, but I ended up walking away, so it took me 15 hours, and I had a dream that my friend scolded me.

Words of love for the members “Thanks to my brother…”

――In terms of the title of the song “Love Language”, if you were to give one of the members “words of love”, what kind of words would you send to them?

Song Junhyung: Gangsung, it must be hard, but I’m rooting for you. love.

Lee Shin: I’m the same age as Junhyung, but I’m always grateful for the many things I can learn from him.

Lee Kang Sung: Prince, thank you for improving your Korean.

Choi Junsung: I want to tell Shin hyung that I’m always very cool.

Prince: Woojin, are you eating well?

Lee Woojin: Junsung hyung, thank you for always entertaining us.

Lee Jin Woo: Junsung hyung, thanks to you, I am here.

――The cold winter has arrived, what is the GHOST9 song that fits the winter atmosphere?

Lee Shin: It’s “ANTENNA”. It feels good to listen to it in the futon on a snowy day.

Song Junhyung: I think it’s ‘Dreaming’. The dreamlike sound and vague lyrics match well with the winter mood.

Lee Woojin: “Lay back”. If you listen to it while watching the winter scenery on the bus, I think you will be able to create a winter sensibility.

――Please tell us if there is something popular among the members recently.

Lee Kang-sung: I often go to the donut shop near the beauty salon.

Lee Jin Woo: Convenience store food is trending. I often eat yogurt called Biyotu.

――It’s been 2 years since you debuted, but what do you think you’ve grown since your debut?

Song Junhyung: I think my dancing and singing skills have improved.

Lee Shin: I think my attitude towards the stage has grown.

Lee Kang-sung: I think I got used to the stage very much.

Choi Junsung: I am now able to make my own decisions and take breaks when I am working. That way, you’ll have more power left for shooting.

Prince: I think our teamwork has grown a lot.

Lee Woojin: I think my overall performance, facial expressions, and gestures have grown. I want to continue to grow like I am now.

Lee Jin Woo: I think my expression has improved.

――The face-to-face events are starting little by little, but how did you feel when you met the fans in person?

Song Junhyung: At the same time as the joy of meeting a long-time friend, my heart was pounding.

Lee Shin: There was awkwardness and joy, and it felt strange and new.

Prince: It was really exciting and fun.

Lee Woojin: It was strange to meet the fans in person for the first time in a long time, and it was even more interesting to talk with them (than online conversations).

Lee Jin Woo: My heart trembled, and I was very excited…!

Tears of emotion, animation reproduction! ? Memorable Japanese fans

――What was your impression of the reaction of the Japanese fans you met at the online autograph session?

Song Junhyung: I remember someone covering his mouth with his hand and showing tears as soon as he saw me.

Lee Shin: He said the lines while making the palm-to-palm gesture that appears in my favorite anime, “Fullmetal Alchemist,” and it was very funny (laughs).

Choi Junsung: I sang a Japanese song that I like to a Japanese fan, and when he heard it, he cried.

――How would you like to spend time with your fans when you can hold events in Japan?

Song Junhyung: I really want to do live performances and fan meetings.

Lee Woojin: I want to show GHOST9’s cool side by holding autograph sessions and big performances with fans.

――Finally, please give a message to your Japanese fans.

Lee Shin: Thank you for giving us so much love and interest. I hope the new coronavirus will converge as soon as possible and the day we can meet will come.

Song Junhyung: I feel a great regret that I can’t meet you right now, but I think that the happiness when we meet will be even greater. Thank you for always supporting me! See you soon.

Lee Kang Sung: I’m always thinking of you all, and I’m waiting for the day we can meet. I will do my best while thinking about that day.

Choi Junsung: I think we will meet soon. I will do my best to fulfill the desire to meet you for over a year!

Prince: I miss you so much and I am forever grateful. I love you♡

Lee Woojin: Thank you for always supporting us. I want to go to Japan as soon as possible to meet you in person and have a performance!

Lee Jin Woo: Thank you for supporting us even when you are far away! ! !

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