Gian Maria Gros-Pietro from the Italian bank Intesa Sanpaolo and the Spanish Alejandra Kindeln from the AEB, awarded the Tiepolo 2023


With these awards, the CEOE and the CCIS recognize the success stories of figures belonging to the financial and business world of both countries.

Family photo after the 2023 Tiepolo Awards ceremony this Monday at the Italian Embassy in Madrid
Family photo after the 2023 Tiepolo Awards ceremony this Monday at the Italian Embassy in MadridSergio Gonzalez
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The president of the Board of Directors of the Italian bank Intesa Sanpaolo, Gian Maria Gros-Pietroand the president of the Spanish Banking Association (AEB), Alejandra Kindelnhave received this Monday the Tiepolo Awards 2023. Awards granted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Spain (CCIS) in collaboration with the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE).

“True, important and authentic success stories from which not only Spain and Italy but also the entire European context have been able to benefit,” the Italian ambassador stated in his opening speech, Grimaldi Whelk. In fact, the event took place in Amboage Palace where the Italian Embassy in Madrid is located.

The host, who has been accompanied by other relevant figures such as the Minister of Territorial Policy and Democratic Memory, Victor Ángel Torresthe Spanish ambassador in Italy, Miguel Fernndez-Palacios Martínezand the presidents of the awarding organizations, Marco Pizzi of CCIS and Antonio Garamendi of CEOE, wanted to highlight that this is the first edition of the Awards in which “a representative of the female business world” is awarded.

Well, Kindeln, in addition to being president of the AEB and its homonymous Foundation, also occupies one of the vice presidents of the CEOE and of BAICbusiness advisory council to the OECD, among other relevant positions in the financial and business world.

Despite not having been able to attend the appointment and that his recognition has been collected by Mara Abascalgeneral director of AEB, Garamendi has been commissioned to read some words of gratitude from Kindeln.

In them the focus has been on the banking field where he says he has developed his professional career. “A sector that is a fundamental pillar of our economies. That makes our countries better places to live and develop opportunities. That channels billions of euros of savings from citizens and companies to projects that make us grow, be more competitiveand this is undoubtedly the best formula to bring real progress to society and well-being to citizens,” Garamendi emphasized with Kindeln’s words.

For his part, Gros-Pietro has been awarded as president of the Board of Directors of Intesa Sanpaolo, which this year celebrates the 50th anniversary of its first implementation in Spain and also as vice-president vicar of the Italian Banking Association (ABI).

“It is an honor for me to receive this award, as president of Intesa Sanpaolo, in consideration of the prestige and representativeness of people who preceded me and the president of AEB, Alejandra Kindeln”, said the Italian after collecting his award.

Once again, the Tepiolo Awards recognize the career of personalities from Spain and Italy with success stories in the economic and business field, as well as their contribution to strengthening relations between both countries.

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