Gkay receives surprise cake on the Farofa stage

Gkay and Natanzinho - Photo: Paulo Tauil / AgNews
Gkay and Nattanzinho – Photo: Paulo Tauil / AgNews

A ‘Outside of Gkay‘ began last Monday, December 5th, ending last night (06). The last day of the festival that celebrates the influencer’s birthday Gessica Kayanecontinued until dawn this Thursday (7) and featured lots of kisses between celebrities and a giant cake for the hostess of the party.

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The event held at the Marina Park hotel complex, in Fortaleza (CE), had a very busy third and final day of celebration, also featuring shows by Sorriso Maroto, Nattanzinho, Manu Bahtidão, MC Ryan SP and MC Daniel. The farewell to the 2023 edition of ‘Farofa da Gkay’ also included a triple kiss, which got everyone talking on social media, between Valesca Popozuda, DJ Nathi and Jon Vlogs.

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In short, the focus of the last day of the party was on Gkay who, from the top of the stage, received a surprise cake, also earning congratulations from singers Xand Avião, Nattanzinho and Zé Vaqueiro, who performed at the event and led the crowd to sing Congratulations to the birthday girl.

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More about ‘Farofa da Gkay’

It is worth remembering that, on social media, Gkay shared a short video about the beginning of ‘Farofa’, from the arrival of the guests to the end of the first night of his birthday celebration. “This is the first day of farofa! #farofadagkay“, she said. After the video was released, several internet users and celebrities reacted:

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You have no idea how badass you are.”, wrote Álvaro. “WHAT A PARTY IS THIS”, reacted Lucas Rangel. “It was incredible and I wasn’t a goat but I was really beautiful”, commented Júnior Caldeirão. “This is really awesome,” confessed Fiuk. “IF FOLLOWING THE STORY IS ALREADY FUCKING, IMAGINE LIKE IT IN PERSON”, wrote one internet user.

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