Gominho, after dedicating himself to caring for Preta Gil, will once again prioritize his career

Gominho - Photo: Multishow
Gominho – Photo: Multishow

The influencer Gominho revealed that, after spending a period of time looking after his friend Preta Gil, he will return to São Paulo to take care of his musical career. The artist lived with the singer and daughter of Gilberto Gil during the period in which she was undergoing treatment for bowel cancer.

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Now cured and without needing so much help from Gominho, the artist will once again take care of and prioritize his professional career, after a year at the singer’s side. In an interview given to ‘BA Notícias’ during his visit to Camarote Expresso 2222, on the night of this past Monday, February 12th, the celebrity said that in the capital of São Paulo he will share a ‘big house’ with fellow singer Mahmundi.

+ Gominho takes drastic action to help Preta Gil

We took a big house, which has a theater, which we want to do, transform into a living house. I’m going to make my second album there, start to continue my paintings and try to live more from art”, he stated, at first. Following the chat, he also commented on Preta Gil’s health, who has now been cured of the disease, and highlighted his joy in seeing that she is ‘fine’: “She’s doing so well, she’s already moving on with her life”, he began. “Six months ago, she was struggling, going through trouble. Her strength is unbeatable”, he stressed.

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More about Gominho

It is worth remembering that, at the end of 2023, while participating in the program ‘Encontro’, on TV Globo, Preta even commented that her friend needed a job, as he had given up everything to dedicate himself to her. In fact, he did not limit himself to stating that he took care of his friend with the greatest possible joy and that he did not regret anything. What a cute attitude, right?

+ Preta Gil’s health status is updated by friend Gominho

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