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BOGOR, Inionline.id – KH Abdullah Gymnastiar or familiarly known as Aa Gym was a special guest at the Al-Ukhuwwah Mosque, located at Vila Bogor Indah V, Rajawali Cluster, Pasir Jambu Village, Sukaraja District, Bogor Regency on Tuesday, September 19 2023.

Aa Gym attended and delivered a lecture at Tabligh Akbar commemorating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW 1445 in front of hundreds of congregations dominated by women from various regions.

In his speech, Ustadz Muhammad Audah, LC as
The chairman of DKM Al-Ikhuwwah admitted that he was very proud and touched by the presence of all the congregation members who were willing to attend the tabligh akbar event commemorating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW with the aim of earning a living. the pleasure of Allah SWT.

“This is the first time I have seen enthusiasm from hundreds of congregants who were willing to attend since 09.00 WIT to see and listen to lectures from the famous preacher KH Abdullah Gymnastiar or who is more familiarly known as Aa Gym,” he said on Tuesday (19/9/23) .

When giving his speech, he asked the hundreds of congregants who attended, did you come here to meet Aa Gym or did you want to seek knowledge? Suddenly the entire congregation answered with, meet Aa Gym! He actually laughed, so he didn’t want to seek knowledge, he was greeted with laughter from the audience.

“So, if your intention is to seek knowledge, then when you come home before you suddenly die, it’s certain and God willing, Khusnul Khotimah, that’s why your intention is to gain knowledge and then meet Aa Gym,” he said, which was greeted with laughter from hundreds of congregants.

According to him, a lot of knowledge and benefits will be gained later when listening to lectures from Aa Gym, both advice and motivation that will be obtained.

“There is nothing else that we can package as a means of building Islamic brotherhood, as taught by His Majesty the Prophet Muhammad SAW. “And finally, once again I would like to thank everyone for their presence, I hope we will receive His intercession at the end of time, Aamiin,” he hoped.

After carrying out the congregational Dhuhur prayer led directly by Aa Gym, in his lecture he emphasized how to apply love and affection to His Majesty the Prophet, with activities like this, for example in commemoration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

“Hopefully we will all always receive love from ALLAH, especially with my presence here, our faith will become stronger and our good deeds will be abundant,” said Aa Gym.

When he explained in front of hundreds of congregants the meaning of happiness, he said never feel jealous of people who have high positions, are rich, have nothing in short supply and of course have everything luxurious. He said, in fact, everything is just a mere casing in the world, but those who should be envied are those who always receive blessings and approval from ALLAH.

“So, what we should envy in this life is not rich people, not people with high positions, not those who have luxurious houses or lots of cars. “But it is people who are always grateful for simplicity and always cannot be separated from their faith in Allah SWT,” stressed Aa Gym.

The hundreds of congregants who attended did not seem to move an inch when they saw and listened to Aa Gym’s lecture. The famous Dai still showed his characteristic in his lectures, namely his soft spoken words, full of authority and interspersed with meaningful and meaningful jokes.

The mothers, who dominated the hundreds of congregants who attended, were so enthusiastic, cheerful and laughed out loud when Aa Gym told how a harmonious husband and wife relationship is. Until the end of his lecture, Aa Gym ended it with a prayer and was agreed with by the hundreds of congregants who attended.

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