Grazi Massafera has an unexpected reaction when asked about her affair with Humberto Carrão

Grazi Massafera and Humberto Carrão
Grazi Massafera and Humberto Carrão – Photo: Instagram/Globo

The actress Thank you Massafera was present at Marquês da Sapucaí, this past Monday, February 12, in Rio de Janeiro, and in a press interview, she ended up being asked about her alleged affair with the actor Humberto Carrão.

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When asked by ‘Quem’ magazine about her alleged involvement with the Globo heartthrob, Grazi Massafera ended up having a very unexpected reaction when talking about the subject. The artist, by the way, spared comments and just emphasized: “Guys, I’m working hard. I don’t even think about it, to be quite honest. There are 12 hours a day!“, said the actress.

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Then, unexpectedly, Grazi said: “You are very gossipy!“, she said, after learning from the press that the actor was in the same box as her at Sapucaí. It is worth remembering that, hours before, Humberto revealed to the press: “I did not know [que Grazi vinha]I just found out about this“, he declared when asked about the actress.

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Recently, rumors emerged that the actor is having an affair with Grazi. Neither of them, however, commented on the matter. Without confirming or denying the romance, the artist said he is already used to speculation about his personal life.

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A few days ago, Grazi caught his followers by surprise when he recalled the period in which he joined BBB, on TV Globo. She, in turn, published her presentation video and wrote: “Every time the #BBB edition starts, there’s no way around it: a movie plays in my head, people!!! BBB5, almost twenty years ago… can you believe it? I can only be grateful for everything I experienced, before, during and after the program. I’m just gratitude and love, I’ll never forget“, stated the artist.

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