Guadalupanos go almost 48 hours without water

A group of neighbors from The Carmen of Goicoechea reported that in some communities they have already gone almost 48 hours without water, which is why they are asking the Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA) for explanations for the water cutoff.

According to community reports to, Since Sunday at 2:00 pm the water went out and so far they have no knowledge about when the service will resume. In community Facebook groups they expressed their annoyance at the lack of responses.

The reports highlight that There is no supply of water resources in the surroundings of the José Cubero Muñoz School, Prusia Urbanization and in the vicinity of the Nuestra Señora de El Carmen Parish in the Mata de Plátano district.

Although in that Goicoechea area there was no contamination with xylene and the service was provided without problems during the first days of the emergency, now with water rationing they are reporting problems.

Fran Bustamante wrote on the AyA page: Mata de Plátano without water. It is unhealthy for children and older adults.

“The helplessness is too much. 36 hours without water. Here there were no problems with water contamination, there are no reports, only shortages and worse, not even by chance did they send tankers to supply us. But the billing for the water bill comes the same or higher. So? The situation is unsustainable,” said Katherine Fernández.

The AyA informed the neighbors that there is an unforeseen interruption due to the decrease in production sources, Therefore, rationing was reported from 6:00 am and 2:00 pm this Tuesday.

What happens is that, according to the neighbors, The lack of liquid occurred since the previous Sunday.

The affected population with the residents of El Carmen It is 5,000 peopleaccording to estimates from Aqueducts and Sewers.

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