Gunmen killed a man while he was repairing a car in Limón

Police tape. Illustrative purposes.

This Monday A murder occurred around 6:40 pm in the Limón sector.

According to the report of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), a man with the last name Ford He was on a public road with another subject repairing a car.

At this moment they were approached by several individuals who were traveling aboard a light vehicle, who They were shot several times.

Ford, 37, died at the scene and had injuries all over his body. For this very fact, A young man named Cortés, aged 19, was left with head injuries, so he was transferred to the Tony Facio Hospital.

At the scene of the incident they found more than 50 ballistic signs of different weapons. The case was taken over by judicial agents to clarify the facts.

Ford’s body was taken to the Judicial Morgue.

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