Guo Ziqian was elected as the chairman of the community with a high vote. He solved all the difficult and complicated diseases and got rid of the couple’s affair – boo!Star news GRACIAAFRIKA NEWS

  1. Guo Ziqian was elected as the community chairperson with a high vote, and the solution for difficult and miscellaneous diseases is to solve the problem of husband and wifeShh!Star news
  2. When Guo Ziqian became the chairman of the community, he immediately “spent money to replace old equipment.” One way to deal with neighbors gossipingYahoo news
  3. Guo Ziqian was elected as community chairman. He had high emotional intelligence and was offered to join politics but refused | EntertainmentChuosha Instant Newspaper
  4. Guo Ziqian’s “son” saves money to buy immediate products!The reason behind why I gained so much weight that my pants are bursting is revealedMSN
  5. Guo Ziqian becomes the community chairman!Get consolation money for the cleaning lady and pretend to be busy after listening to the neighbor’s gossipETtoday Starlight Cloud

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