Gustavo Mioto reveals inspirations for composing ‘suffering’ songs

Singer Gustavo Mioto - Photo: Instagram
Singer Gustavo Mioto – Photo: Instagram

The singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gustavo Mioto, 26 years old, surprised when talking about inspirations for composing his songs. Recently, the current companion of Ana Castela released the album titled ‘MiotoTerapia’ and even created a series on one of her social networks to give love advice to her fans.

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In an interview with Quem Magazine, he admitted that his romance with Ana serves as inspiration for writing the songs. The artist reports that there was an interconnection between his songs and his relationship with the country singer. He says that she has inspired him in the past and will continue to inspire him in the future.

The countryman communicated: “It was inspired at the end of 2022, in 2023, it will inspire in 2024 as long as things are at peace, I think we will compose happy things and be inspired by sad things to compose sad things”, he emphasized. At another point in the interview, Mioto explains that he will still work hard and will launch new projects soon.

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Furthermore, he reports that he was one of the thirty most listened to artists in Brazil last year. He assumes that he is also happy with his girlfriend’s success: ”Thank God, the phase of composing a sad story with my story is over. So, we’re going to work hard, I have a lot of projects to launch. I ended the year among the 30 in Brazil, she finished first and I think that’s beautiful. I’m very happy for her and for me and may it continue like this”confessed the famous man.

Gustavo points out that he always liked giving love advice. He also states that some healthcare professionals in the area have supported him regarding his Instagram series. However, the artist makes a point of making it clear that the content of his videos are recreational.

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The singer admits: ”I always liked it, even in college, my second course was psychology. I’ve always liked this area, but I admit I didn’t expect to be so well received by people. Health professionals send messages commenting that they like what they are saying, which is more or less that, others disagree. So, I am very well received with this project, I am very happy”he said.

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