Has anyone seen Ricardo Anaya?

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Well, we’re all here. There is the PRI, the PRD, the PAN and their candidate Wait…is he back? Who knows. Has anyone seen it? The media say that the former PAN president, the former presidential candidate and the ex-mexican Due to voluntary exile, he has returned to register and apply for a seat in the Senate, one of those easy ones, for which it is not necessary to campaign or anything, the ones that are granted proportionally to the votes obtained. Without disturbing or making noise.

‌On August 23, 2021, Anaya declared himself a “political exile” and persecuted by President López Obrador. He established his residence in the United States, like so many Mexican politicians when things look ugly at home. Immediately, the National Migration Institute would clarify that the PAN member had, in fact, left the country on a private plane from Tamaulipas on July 5. The politician was harassed by the justice system, which has a corruption case open against him, now blurred, for having allegedly received million-dollar bribes from the Odebrechet plot, as former co-religionists declared. “I go into exile so I can continue fighting,” said the bullfighter. From time to time, a tweet here, another there, the figure of the blue and white was lost in silence.

‌Anaya went for the X, as we said. Each message was a blow against López Obrador. If the textbooks had errors or if the temperatures reached a historical record, the Mexican president was to blame. But he did not find a media echo, evident proof that social networks do not burn if the media does not lend them the firewood. On August 31, luckily, Anaya did not write about AMLO: “With Xóchitl hope returned!” His message said. After all, he had lost the presidency to López Obrador by 18 million votes, there was not much to complain about. Long live Xóchitl, then. But the candidate has said nothing about the PAN member’s return. Neither does the current leader of the party, Marko Cortés. Not even he himself has communicated it. How much silence. In X’s account there is only his profile image, “live currency that will never be repeated”, which Lorca’s poem said. And a cool presentation next to his name: Future of Mexico.

‌For now, Anaya is nothing more than the future of Querétaro, if the case arises. But the man looks animated, or so his voice seems to say in X. Another tweet recently recalled: “If you live, work or study abroad, this message is for you. This 2024 you will be able to vote electronically. You don’t have to go to the embassy or consulate, you just need to have your valid INE.” It is not known if Anaya falls into the category of those who study or those who work abroad. And after his registration in the party to be a senator (with jurisdiction included), doubts increase as to whether he is one of “those who live” outside or in Mexico. Let’s see if Asurancetúrix sings something.

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