He must pay ₡1 million to Michael Soto for moral damage

The Criminal Court of the Third Judicial Circuit of San José, in Pavas, declared former deputy Célimo Guido guilty on Wednesday for the crime of defamation to the detriment of the former Minister of Public Security, Michael Soto.

The judges ordered Guido to pay a 20-day fine, that is, a total of 10 thousand colones, in favor of the Board of Construction, Installation and Acquisition of Social Adaptation Goods, within 15 days.

He also sentenced him to the payment of 1 million colones in favor of Soto for moral damage and also, 926 thousand colones of costs for the complaint and the civil action for compensation, according to a document provided by Soto Rojas to this medium.

Why did Soto file a lawsuit against Guido?

The former deputy assured, in a press conference held in 2020, that Soto was involved with the mafia and furthermore, he indicated that in the Presidential House there was “an organized, well-polished mafia.”

After Guido’s statements, the former minister pointed out that he was going to file a lawsuit against him for defamation.

Likewise, on that occasion he gave Guido 24 hours to present evidence that he was involved in organized crime, as he said in said conference with the media.

After the deadline, Soto filed the complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office and three years later, The judges determined that Guido was guilty of the crime.

This medium contacted former deputy Guido to find out his position regarding the sentence; however, At the closing of the note, no response was obtained.

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