Helicopter where Sebastián Piñera was going crashes: There is one death

The former president of Chile Sebastián Piñera suffered an accident in his helicopter, which occurred in the rural sector of Ilihue, in the town of Lago Ranco.

According to the newspaper El Clarín, the former president was in a helicopterprivate helicopter that plunged into the water, with at least four occupants. One death is reported.

According to the first reports, the helicopter was piloted by the former president accompanied by three other people and after a few minutes of flight, it lost lift and fell.

Of the three people, two of them swam to shore and a third was rescued in the lake by a boat.

The Nation of Argentina indicated that Piñera would not have been able to remove his seat belt and would have died by drowning. El Clarín newspaper also indicates the former ruler as a possible deceased. However, there is no official confirmation.

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