Hernán Casciari downgrades his books until they stop insulting him on Twitter: “I don’t think you should give it to people who don’t read works that are impossible to understand”

Hernán Casciari was born in Mercedes, where he plans to open a Narrative University in 2026. (RS Photos)

“I don’t believe in literature.”said Hernan Casciari. Pedro Rosemblatwhich leads the cycle Three stars of the channel streaming We are Gelatina, you must have had that feeling that you get when faced with the forceful texts that, with skill and with luck, arise in interviews and that is similar to an imaginary highlighter underlining with phosphorescent color the words just heard. Rosemblat He looked at his production and said, “That’s the title, people.”

And it was. The interview with the co-creator of the magazine, the publisher, the store and, above all, the community Orsai on the official YouTube channel of Somos Gelatina it is called like this: “Hernán Casciari: ‘I don’t believe in literature’”. It lasts forty minutes and 48 hours after being published it has around 23,000 views.

In addition to the forty minutes of the complete interview, a clip of one minute and four seconds taken from the interview that went viral and which earned him insults, rejection and indignation -the Triple Nelson of Twitter- to the author of Messi is a dog and other stories.

The first part of the viral minute says this: “I don’t believe in literature, to begin with, much less that it is read. Literature was a thing from times when we had no tabs to minimizenor did we have fourteen devices… Literature was something for a man who came at seven in the afternoon and had enough time to sit on a couch with a 550-page book whose first 25 were descriptions of the character, facial. Who has the time? Why, furthermore? It was great when there was nothing else, and that’s it, good night.”

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And he continues: “I don’t know what literature is nor do I care much about it. There are many people pushing for children to read. My daughter is six years old and obviously she is not going to read, why? Tell a seven, eight year old boy that he has to spend three, four hours looking down with all his senses concentrated on one thing, which is a piece of paper with ink on which a guy wants to explain to you what that character’s face is like. “Poor thing, why are you going to do that to the boy?”

“All my books at half price as long as they keep bitching at me on Twitter. “Don’t let it falter!” he himself tweeted shortly after noon. Casciari, with the controversy already hot on that social network. A little while before, in another tweet, she had shared the link from which the official electronic versions of those same books can be downloaded for free.

“I am above all what I do, more than what I say. AND What I do is have a publishing house, have a magazine, write stories“, He tells Casciari to Infobae Let’s readand also: “People are very lazy and see clippings of conversations that are much longer, and that’s fine.”

The truth is that in the interview in which he says “I don’t believe in literature” the author from Mercedes says, in passing, as they say at barbecues, on street corners or in bars, three other things that They immediately approach the world of books – to which they belong. “The film is something like the aleph that he invented Borgesthat moment in which all things can be seen at the same time,” he tells Rosemblat and his people while presenting Boysthe feature film produced by Orsai, which premieres this Thursday and which collects, above all, the experiences and reactions of the Argentine fans during the seven matches of the National Team in the World Cup that it won almost a year ago in Qatar.

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Literature says that it doesn’t believe in Casciari either.

— korochi (@korochi) December 7, 2023

Just afterwards, while still talking about that same movie, he says “Messi’s path is the hero’s path”that journey that he invented Homer and that literature – and later so many other arts – reproduced, reproduced and, silver lining, will reproduce because it is one of those inventions that cannot find replacement. And in that same interview Casciari says: “It’s just that we all have a little writer inside”.

-So, Hernán, do you believe in literature or not?

-I spent two years reading at midnight on Telefé. Stories of Borgesof Chekhovof Garcia Marquez, removing their paraphernalia. Having said “I don’t believe in literature” means that I don’t think we should give works that are impossible to understand to people who don’t read. without having the habit of reading. I do not believe that this battle is necessary in the 21st century, nor do I believe that it should be given to children at school Those of Barranco neither Bernarda Alba’s house. I don’t think that’s the right thing to do.

-And what is there to do?

-Let’s get off those impossible pedestals. Let’s put the energy into letting people know the stories. That’s what I’ve been proposing since I can remember. People who are scandalized by a clipping from Twitter without going to the context, to the complete interview, to everything else that the speaker does do not have reading comprehension or do not directly want to have it.

-In the clipping that went viral you talk about your youngest daughter, six years old, and the kids of that age, and you say that there are a lot of people pushing for kids to read and why. Do we give up on kids reading?

-I forbade my eldest daughter, who is now 19, from reading when she was 5 or 6 years old. She now studies Literature in London. She came in because of the ban. You tell the boy “don’t even think about it” and it’s much better, it works, it’s a trick and it’s work. How are you going to force a boy to read? He is going to escape you forever, you have to stimulate him in another way.


What works with boys is that you are by their side, and there I no longer care if the format is a book, a movie, a video game. The central thing is that you know the stories, learn that there are plots, second plots, third plots, that you can understand what is happening in that story, that you talk about what the boy is seeing next to you. I am against romanticizing the book as the main format so that a story gets into your head., I believe that we should not focus on that battle, but on that boy having fun with that story and with the conversations about that story. If that happens, he’ll grab a book by himself.

-What did the father feel who prohibited reading to generate an interest in reading when that daughter decided to study Literature?

-Reading and writing are two of my greatest pleasures since I was nine years old. Then added to that is chatting with my two daughters about books. It is beginning to be the greatest happiness in the world to talk to your child about what you like most in the world. I am self-taught, I didn’t finish high school, and Nina is already in her second year of college, reading almost only in Saxon. She could talk talk with Borges and I would look at them from the side. And it is in that world, among other things, thanks to those prohibitions.

“Lionel’s Suitcase”, the story written by Casciari that made Messi cry. (Matías Tolsà – Orsai Magazine)

Almost at the end of the forty minute interview, Casciari He answers Rosemblat about what is on his head, in his heart, or in the pit of his stomach right now; wherever vital projects begin to cook. “We – because Orsai were always, in principle, Casciari and Chiri, his best friend and the co-founder of this universe – have the idea of ​​creating the Orsai University in 2026, it is like the last point of the Orsai project: open the Narrative University in Mercedes”, says the writer.

This is said by the editor who pays 50 percent of sales to the authors of his label, when the usual thing is for publishers to pay them 10. This is said by the father of a Literature student who shares the cycle with her Book Zoom, via YouTube: it is a conversation in which it is above all Nina who guides Hernán through a title that has interested him. This is also said by the writer who calls on Language and Literature teachers to volunteer in university residences throughout the country to provide their knowledge to the students in exchange for books provided by Orsai.

Me It seems to me that Casciari does not believe in literature.

* Hernán Casciari’s books can be downloaded from Bajalibros by clicking here.

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