“He’s not fit, he’s still not fit”

Zion Williamson was destined to make history in the NBA. To take a franchise, anyone who took him in the draft, to the highest level. That was in 2019. Now, in 2023, the reality is quite different. The player has barely played regularly due to a plague of injuries and has been more in the news for that and for a state of form that has once again given him something to talk about.

Because his weight has once again been questioned. It was said that he was thinner, but against the Lakers in Las Vegas it turned out not to. His physical condition has once again gone viral on social networks and in NBA gatherings, and in New Orleans the patience with which he was going to be his franchise player is running out.

The Pelicans bet on him. They did it when they put a brutal contract on the table despite the fact that he had barely participated with the team. Even though, without him, They reached the playoff and the Suns stood up who had just finished playing in the finals. With him… little.

Zion, surpassed by LeBron in everything

The worst thing is that in this Cup tournament it has become clear that something is not going well. Apart from his disconnections in defense and attack, a very poor Zion was seen in all facets of the game, succumbing not only to Brandom Ingram in the comparison of teammates but also to LeBron James As far as we remember, he is 39 years old.

It was excessively slow on the day when the Pelicans were playing to be in a final. One of six from personal, eight field goals, 13 points. And three losses. Bad. All bad.

Those from Louisiana, eliminated by beating against Los Angeles. By 44 points difference. Sidereal distance that has once again focused all eyes on Zion.

And he knows it: “I have to be better. I have to be more aggressive. I have to do more things to activate the team. “I took a step back and that’s something I can’t do.”

“He doesn’t run with energy”

But so do others. For example, one of the great legends like Shaquille O’Neal: “He doesn’t run with energy. “Every sport has a look, and he doesn’t.”

But the toughest was JJ Reddick: “He’s not in shape, that’s reality. He’s still not in shape despite what’s happened. “He hasn’t committed to his career.”

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