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In Y 2022, 22% indexed growth was observed in advertising in the Movie genre compared to Y 2019 and 13% growth compared to Y 2020. However, compared to Y 2021, a slight dip was seen, as per TAM AdEx’s analysis of advertising in Movie genre in 2022. Highest Ad Volumes were observed in Jul-Sep’22 among all the quarters of Y 2022. Jul-Sep’22 registered a rise of 5% in ad volumes in Movie Genre as compared to Apr-Jun’22. Feb’22 registered the lowest share of Ad Volumes in Movie genre, that is, 7.73 %, while Oct’22 registered highest Ad Volumes in the Movie genre at 9.1%.
Hindi movies dominated the ad volumes for the Movie genre in both of the years 2022 and 2021 with a share of more than 40%. All the Top 5 sub-genres retained their respective ranks in Y 2022 over Y 2021.
The count of advertisers and brands in the movie genre descended in Q4’22 compared to other quarters of Y 2022.
Among the leading sectors, ‘Food & Beverages’ topped with 24% share of the Movie Genre’s ad volumes in 2022. The top 7 sectors retained their positions for the years 2022 and 2021, with the F&B and Personal Care/ Personal Hygiene sectors accounting for 45% of the ad volumes for Movies by genre.
With a share of 6%, Toilet Soaps led the categories in Movie genre ad volumes in Y 2022. The Top 10 categories added 36% share of the Movies genre’s Ad Volumes.
Over 130 Categories registered positive growth in the Movie genre. During Y 2022, Mosquito Repellents saw the highest increase in ad secondages as compared to Y 2021, followed by Ecom-Wallets. In terms of growth per cent among Top 10 categories, Air Fresheners topped with highest growth of 2.8x. Three categories out of the Top 10 growing categories belonged to the F&B sector.
Among the leading advertisers, FMCG players reigned the Top 10 list. Throughout the years 2021 and 2022, HUL, Reckitt Benckiser, Cadbury India, and Pond India held the top spots in the Movie genre. Coca Cola India observed the highest positive rank shift in Y 2022 as compared to Y 2021. The Top 10 Advertisers contributed 47% share of the Movies genre’s Ad Volumes, while the Top 100 advertisers accounted for 85% share of the overall Movie genre advertising.
The number of exclusive advertisers in the Movie genre totalled 40+ in Y 2022. Advanced Hair Restoration India was the top exclusive advertiser in Movie genre, followed by TCN Enterprises.
Dettol Toilets Soaps topped among the 3,050+ brands advertising in the Movie genre in Y 2022. Out of the Top 10 brands, 5 belonged to HUL and 4 belonged to Reckitt. The Top 10 Brands contributed 10% share of Movies Ad Volumes. Four brands entered the Top 10 list during Y 2022 as compared to Y 2021.
Over 480 advertisers and 1.4K+ brands exclusively advertised in the Movie genre during Y 2022 as compared to Y 2021. Cashgrail and Veet Pure were the top exclusive advertisers and brands, respectively, during Y 2022 as compared to Y 2021.
At 55% and 45% respectively, Regional and National Movie channels had nearly equal share of the Movie genre’s Ad Volumes in both 2022 and 2021. There were 95+ Exclusive Advertisers on National and 685+ on Regional channels in Movie genre during Y 2022. Hewlett Packard India and Kaleesuwari Refinery were the leading Exclusive advertisers on National and Regional Movie channels, respectively, during Y 2022.
News in the domain of Advertising, Marketing, Media and Business of Entertainment
News in the domain of Advertising, Marketing, Media and Business of Entertainment
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