“I decided to go to the limit, it was pole or wall”

Analyzing what the 2023 season had in store for Aston Martin, Fernando Alonso recognized that the victory, the long-awaited 33rd, had been closer than ever in Monaco.

That Sunday in the Principality, when the Asturian was chasing Max Verstappen and it began to leak on the track, the ’14’ had the opportunity to enter the pits earlier… but he mounted media.

If you had put the intermediateI wouldn’t have had to enter again on the next lap and the one from Red Bull would have started behind the man from Oviedo.

The Dutchman took the victory, but perhaps the most tense moment of the weekend did not occur on Sunday, but on Saturday.

In qualifying, Alonso led in the first two sectors, but ‘Mad Max’ took out a dream third sector to stay ahead of Fernando just 84 thousandths.

Now, at the end of the season, Verstappen has been asked in an interview about that day, surely the one that began his “hegemony” in 2023.

“In the last corner before starting the last sector I felt like I was going faster than on other occasions, but I knew it wouldn’t be enough,” recalls the Dutchman.

At that moment, all of Max’s champion claw came out: “It was either make the pole or crash into the wall. “I touched several walls and kissed them a little, but it was a beautiful area.”

“When I parked the car and took off the case, I kept shaking“adds the current champion, who left a nice image (the one that accompanies this news) explaining to Alonso how he had done it.

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